One Piece chapter 990: X-Drake sketches being chased by Who Who?

The most compelling information has been officially announced One Piece chap 990 It is the image of X-Drake being chased by Who Who who “colleague” in Tobi Roppo.

Illustration of X-Drake being chased by Who Who in One Piece chapter 990

This happened in the case of Yamato when the real face was hidden behind the mask of Kaido’s daughter the first time she appeared. At that time there was a pencil sketch of Yamato’s appearance as well as face.

One Piece chapter 990 X Drake sketches being chased by Who Who | Manga/Film

This happened when Yamato was also portrayed as X-Drake

This time, when the news about X-Drake is being targeted by the “colleague” in the group Tobi Roppo Who Who and Queen Plague, one of the trio. It seems that these two people have learned about the identity of X-Drake’s “undercover spy”, it seems that Kaido has “sniffed” the danger to him from the Navy through X-Drake, a Navy hidden as a Tobi Roppo.

One Piece chapter 990 X Drake sketches being chased by Who Who | Manga/Film

X-Drake is in danger

With this rather simple sketch we can see X-Drake walking with Basil Hawkins. Details of how “fortune teller” Basil Hawkins predicts that someone with only 1% survived seems to refer to X-Drake. This is plausible that X-Drake will definitely not escape the Beast Pirates since his identity seems to have been revealed. Going up against a Tobi Roppo and a Tam Tai like Who Who and Queen is seemingly impossible for X-Drake.

The question here is whether Basil Hawkins will ally with X-Drake or not. It would be interesting if these 2 Supernovas have a collaboration against Who Who and Queen. In addition, Law seems to have an agreement with Basil Hawkins and X-Drake, it is also possible for Law to enter this confrontation and form the Supernova trio to fight together at Wano. out.

One Piece chapter 990 X Drake sketches being chased by Who Who | Manga/Film

Will Law and Hawkins team up with X-Drake to confront Who Who and Queen?

In addition, another possibility is also possible that the Navy will appear to join X-Drake in destroying the alliance of 2 Yonko Kaido and Big Mom in Wano country.

You see the first sketch image of the scene X-Drake How was being pursued by Who Who? Please leave your comments by commenting in the lower part of the article!

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