One Piece: As expected of the ‘King of Melee’ here are 4 ‘privileges’ that only Zoan-type Devil Fruit can have

In One Piece Devil fruit is an indispensable part when creating special powers for many characters. With each Devil fruitThere are certain differences in the power received by the user. The most notable of these is the Zoan system, the eaters Devil fruit This system has the ability to transform into animals that give fruit to powers.

Today let’s go learn about 4 outstanding features of Devil fruit Zoan compared with the Devil fruit other. We will see it as “the king of melee” when it comes to melee attack and ultimate blows.

1. Increase physical abilities, both attack and defense

Devil fruit The Zoan system helps to increase the physical abilities of the possessor. This includes the power of the attack, as well as the ability to defend in attacks. Depending on the type of Zoan, the eater may also experience enhanced hearing, improved vision or ability to dance. So for those who want to increase the attack power of physical attacks and toughness, the Zoan system will be better than either Logia or Paramecia.

Especially when this strength and endurance is combined with the armed Haki, the Zoan-type user becomes difficult to defeat and can take down the enemy quickly. Even the ancient Zoan fruit offers enduring powers that are more transcendent than usual.

We’ve already seen the ability to withstand this left system as Page One can block Sanji’s attack and start fighting again. Then there was Ulti, who was able to wake up even after being defeated by Yamato using Raimei Hakke.

2. The mythical Zoan turned into an animal along with other superpowers

One Piece As expected of the King of Melee here are 4 privileges that only Zoan type Devil Fruit can have | Manga/Film

It can be said that those who can find and eat the Mythical Zoan fruit are very lucky. In addition to having the basic powers of the Zoan system, they acquired other superpowers.

Like Catharina Devon’s Nine-Tailed Fox that perfectly disguises herself as someone else. Kaido’s dragon form can fly, or Marco’s phoenix state can heal others, and heal himself.

3. To give life to inanimate objects

One Piece As expected of the King of Melee here are 4 privileges that only Zoan type Devil Fruit can have | Manga/Film

Add a special point of Devil fruit The Zoan system is that it is capable of giving “life” to an inanimate object. The method of its use is unknown, but this was done in the world of One Piece.

Eg Devil fruit Inu Inu, has the power of the Dachshund dog. It was eaten by a gun and gave birth to “the Lasso dog gun” – which can fire bullets by sneezing. Or like Spandam’s sword, it was fed by its master Devil fruit artificial to become stronger, now it is also known as elephant sword.

Currently it is not known whether Us Devil fruit Whether the Paramecia and Logia systems can do this. Even if it does, the result will not be as Zoan system, maybe it just creates another possibility. Like a sword that has the ability to rubber, or has an element of lightning instead of a living being.

4. Obtain outstanding features of the animals it turns into

One Piece As expected of the King of Melee here are 4 privileges that only Zoan type Devil Fruit can have | Manga/Film

Devil fruit The Zoan system helps the user to transform into an animal it possesses, but besides that, there are also the skills and abilities that the animal possesses.

As if it could provide wings and help the owner to fly in the air. Characters like Marco and Pell have become more dangerous because of this ability. Or the ancient Zoan system can make the user’s body become large, causing the ability to attack to be spread over a wide area. Just looking at Kaido’s body when it turns into a Dragon, we see how terrible it is.

Besides, if these Zoan animals have fangs, claws and tails, then the eater can have that too. And they can use these animal parts to aid in battle.

The above are 4 outstanding features of Devil fruit Zoan system compared to other systems. How do you feel about these powers? Let us know more about your thoughts for us to discuss.

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