One Piece: A series of ‘Ancient’ Dinosaurs have appeared, is there a version of the ‘Myth’ left?

Final Devil fruit The Yonko Kaido has been revealed, it is a Zoan fruit of the mythical strain named Uo Uo no Mi (“uo uo” meaning related to fish). Contrary to previous predictions when the majority of fans said that Kaido owns a “big” Dinosaur fruit.

Not only that, at present, there are countless “Ancient”-type Dinosaurs appearing in the Ice Beast tape, and the question is whether the “Myth” fruit exist or not? And if so, who owns it?

1. So far not available Devil fruit Any Zoan system has both Mythology and Ancient variants

So far when One Piece has spent more than 20 years with 1000 story chapters, out of all Devil fruit has been revealed, none of which are known to have both Mythology and Ancient variations. There have been 5 mythical fruits revealed: Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix, Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune, Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata No Orochi, Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu and Uo Uo no Mi.

In which these fruits have been revealed their normal version and their Mythology, as the Tori Tori no Mi has the usual variations like the seagull pattern of Pell, the myth is that of Phoenix. Or Hito Hito no Mi is the normal version that Chopper eats and Mythology is the Daibutsu model that Sengoku owns. However, all variants have yet to be revealed as having the Ancient version.

However, we also remember that this does not mean that there can be no conventional Zoan Devil Fruit, Mythology and Ancient. Most likely we haven’t seen Ancient variations of the above.

2. Devil fruit “Dinosaur” Ryu Ryu no Mi appeared many but also did not have a variant other than Ancient

One Piece A series of Ancient Dinosaurs have appeared is there a version of the Myth left | GameK

Currently, six Ryu Ryu no Mi fruit eaters have been revealed in One Piece so far. All of their models are based on ancient animals like the Pteranodon, Spinosaurus, Allosaurus and others.

Like these Devil fruit The above mythology is that these Ancient fruits have no other variation .. The special thing is that all of Ryu Ryu’s fruits are ancient animals like dinosaurs and Pterosaurs. This makes the possibility of Ryu Ryu no Mi having a Mythical version even more difficult.

But like the above maybe the author has yet to show us the variation of Mythology.

3. What if there exists the true mythical Ryu Ryu no Mi?

One Piece A series of Ancient Dinosaurs have appeared is there a version of the Myth left | GameK

Consider Devil fruit As Ryu Ryu is now, I personally still believe that there is a Mythical Fruit in One Piece, and it will be a European dragon, or maybe a wyvern. Because in appearance, a European dragon looked like a large flying lizard. And it could be a variant of the Dinosaur species.

The European dragon itself and the Asian dragon were considered different in mythology. Asian dragons are glorified and in myth are considered sacred animals, while European dragons are often considered a fearsome threat.

And before that we saw an Asian Dragon image of the Yonko Kaido, however it has now been identified as a Uo Uo and possibly related to the Chinese Dragon Fish legend.

So it is possible for another European Dragon to appear and who is suspected of possessing Devil fruit This system is Monkey D. Dragon. Because every time a thunderstorm appeared, heavy rain and wind. Besides, the name Dragon means dragon in English. So it would be suitable if he eats the Ryu Ryu no Mi Mythology, the Model is a European Dragon.

Reading now what do people think about this issue? Is there really a Mythical Ryu Ryu no Mi fruit? Let us know more about your thoughts for us to discuss.

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