One Piece: A review of three ancient weapons with terrifying destruction

In the world of One Piece There are 3 most dangerous weapons of destruction from the ancient Kingdom called Ancient weapons. We are known Poseidon and Pluton, only Uranus is unknown.

Now, let’s find out about 3 ancient weapons capable of destroying the whole island below!

1. Plutons

Pluton is the name of a warship with extraordinary destructive power, can destroy an entire island. Pluton was built on Water 7, an island of famous carpenter. Therefore, the design of the Pluton warship was passed down from generation to generation by handing it to the carpenter in Water 7, until now it has been destroyed by Franky.

Pluton’s blueprints are passed down from generation to generation in order to be able to counter Pluton itself if it falls into the wrong hands. Although Pluton is not known exactly, the Alabasta in the historic Slab once contained information about its location.

2. Poseidon

One Piece A review of three ancient weapons with terrifying destruction | Manga/Film

Poseidon is a mermaid. Despite this, Poseidon has equally powerful power. Poseidon can talk to the Sea King and control them. Because the Sea King is one of the strongest creatures in the One Piece world, the ability to control the Sea King is said to be terrible. If Poseidon wants it, it is capable of destroying an island.

Poseidon had previously met Joy Boy to bring Fishman Island to the surface, with the help of the Noah. Unfortunately, this was not possible. Information about Poseidon can be found at Poneglyph in Skypiea – Shandora city. The power of Poseidon is currently owned by Shirahoshi, the mermaid princess of the Kingdom of Ryugu on Fishman Island and she has activated this power at the age of 6.

3. Uranus

One Piece A review of three ancient weapons with terrifying destruction | Manga/Film

Since Uranus’s appearance is not currently shown in the comics, the above image is for illustrative purposes only!

Aside from Uranus being one of the Ancient Weapons, there is still not much information about it. The name “Uranus” was first introduced to Poseidon, specifically when Robin discussed the Ancient Weapons with the Sea King of the Ryugu Kingdom. The only thing that can be learned from Uranus is probably that its power, likely not much different from Poseidon and Pluton, is that it can destroy an entire island.

It is known that Oda named the three ancient weapons after Greek gods – those who ruled the earth, the ocean and the sky. In this order, Pluton is the god of the lower world, Poseidon rules the ocean. So, Uranus is the embodiment of the sky.

So what do you think the ancient Uranus weapon really was? Are living creatures like Poseidon or really weapons like Plutons? Please share your opinion!

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