One Piece: A few ways will give Luffy a chance to defeat Kaido

In One Piece Chapter 1000, Oda revealed that Kaido is the owner of the mythical Uo Uo no Mi Devil Fruit. Many details show that this demonic power in addition to helping Kaido transform into a dragon, also gives him an almost immortal body. The wounds inflicted by the Redstar group on Kaido had healed quickly just around the time Luffy reached the roof. So how is the Supernova group able to defeat Kaido with that difficult ability? Let’s first try to learn about this Devil Fruit first.

What is Kaido’s demonic powers?

In short, I think Uo Uo will help Kaido hit harder, like Berserker. As he receives more wounds, his strength increases, and his recovery also increases based on the amount of life force lost. Details about this capacity can be found again Decode the Kaido power my previous period. But no matter how powerful it is, it must have weaknesses. So what is its weakness, let’s find out.

The weakness of the mythical Uo Uo No Mi fruit

First: Strengthening takes time. The Process of Kaido Injured -> Absorber -> Metabolism -> Strengthening is not done in a day or two. Moreover, I think that the damage must also be diverse and more and more extreme, the new realm of strength can go along. Kaido will not be stronger if the amount of damage done is not enough to destroy his defensive skin.

– Second: To increase the strength, he must take damage. This will create LIMIT on the power of Uo Uo No Mi – mythical model. I will explain immediately:

In my opinion, if the power that takes damage will absorb to increase the damage is real, then in theory, the Uo Uo No Mi can provide infinite power! Yes, you read that wrong, is limitless. So, in terms of potential, the other illusory model will have the power far beyond all of them, the MOST POWERFUL Creature. However, Uo Uo No Mi’s abilities may be limitless, but Kaido’s stamina is limited. In other words, limit the power of Uo Uo No Mi, the current mythical model RIGHT WITH Kaido’s stamina!

One Piece A few ways will give Luffy a chance to defeat Kaido | GameK

Let’s take an example:

You play the game and have a 1000 HP hero. You give it an item that turns it into a form that has the ability to damage +10 damage for every 1 HP lost. Does that item grant infinite power? Yes! Is your hero infinitely strong? ARE NOT! Because it only has 999 HP to lose!

– Third: Devil’s abilities counter each other

Gomu counters Goro, Magu is stronger than Mera, so there might be a fruit that is Uo Uo’s natural enemy, right? And even more interesting if the name was Soru Soru No Mi by Charlotte Linlin! Because Linlin didn’t have to physically attack Kaido, he just needed to attack Kaido’s soul directly. If this is true, we have more reason to understand why Bigmom is so confident when giving a powerful Devil Fruit to Kaido. Because she knows Uo Uo no Mi so well, not only her strengths, but also the fatal weaknesses of this fruit!

So how to defeat Kaido?

To win against Kaido’s ability, I think there are two ways:

– Punch and die: Understand simply that in a non-combat state, or just starting to fight, Kaido is the weakest and very vulnerable. Therefore, if the initial amount of damage is large enough, Luffy’s party could seriously injure him and not recover in time, as the amount of damage is already beyond his tolerance.

– Council fight: In my opinion, if Kaido falls, then also collapsed this way. Because of the caliber of the four emperors, taking one down is always not possible. When Oden engaged Kaido, it could be seen that Oden was taking the first (and not finishing) way. Now, Kaido is much stronger than before, being one of the four kings of the sea. The Yonko has not much power difference So, it is unlikely that someone will defeat Kaido in a short time. That is to say, in a 1vs1 match, no one has the strength to defeat him as the netizens still say. Right! Deep sea, land or high sky, he is THE STRONGEST!

One Piece A few ways will give Luffy a chance to defeat Kaido | GameK

So, if 1vs1 does not work, then only the council, together to launch killing moves, daring damage so that Kaido has no chance to counterattack. Kaido may be unbeaten in a 1-1 match, but if the number isn’t 1, it’s a different story. I don’t think he can withstand the two or three mighty powers of the New World at the same time. So just need to take turns attacking and not let him recover, and Luffy group will probably have a chance to defeat him.

In the end, for Luffy’s group to defeat Kaido, the first total attack on Kaido will most likely be the decisive blow. And then turns into a long battle, when the two sides compete to see who will fall first. However, whether Luffy’s group can handle Kaido’s one hit is still unknown. Therefore, let’s wait and see how well!

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