One Piece 986: Ulti determined to take revenge on Yamato, who is the strongest ‘beauty’ in Wano?

Surely we still remember, the moment Yamato It appears she has encountered Ulti, a beautiful girl who is taking on the position of Tobi Roppo in the encyclopedia. To rescue Luffy, his daughter Kaido used “manipulative eight trigrams” to beat Ulti unconscious personnel. Shortly thereafter, Ulti regained consciousness quickly thanks to the classic restoration ability of the ancient Zoan dinosaur Devil Fruit. She immediately went to look for Yamato.

Ulti is a beautiful woman with a very special personality in the encyclopedia

And it seems that the battle between the two most beautiful women in Wano nation is about to happen. In One Piece 986, Luffy broke the handcuffs to Yamato and exploded, both appearing on the stage where Kaido was speaking. This incident was informed to the Tobi Roppo by the soldiers of the Animal Academy, Who Who is the Ulti. Page One’s sister immediately called Yamato’s name with a rather angry face.

One Piece 986 Ulti determined to take revenge on Yamato who is the strongest beauty in Wano | Manga/Film

Ulti claims to not give Yamato too much at One Piece chapter 986

With a rather straightforward personality, and his somewhat “young” actions, Ulti will not care about Yamato being the daughter of superior Kaido. The only thing she would do was find and decide to “lose enough” to Yamato, who knocked her unconscious. This is seen as an act to regain the honor of Ulti.

However, this opponent of Tobi Roppo is not a medium, if we say that Ulti is “young” and straightforward, Yamato is also “equally tall”. Not to mention Ulti, Yamato bluntly cursed his father’s face and wanted to fight Kaido knowing that he really intended to kill me.

One Piece 986 Ulti determined to take revenge on Yamato who is the strongest beauty in Wano | Manga/Film

Yamato attacked Ulti in chapter 984

So let’s see, if Ulti fought Yamato, who would the advantage belong to? Many people value Yamato higher, because she is the daughter of Kaido, possessing more physical strength than her father’s. In addition, Yamato also focused on practicing from an early age and wanted to be as strong as Oden, whom she idolized. It was the whips with Kaido that trained Yamato to an extraordinary health.

However, her opponent, Ulti is not an ordinary person either. Standing in the 6 members of the Tobo Roppo elite force, a group of people outside Kaido is not considered anyone enough to prove Ulti is strong. Moreover, we were also surprised how much after Yamato’s strong blow, Ulti recovered quickly and showed no signs of being unharmed. All this comes from the Devil Fruit that she owns, the ancient Zoan dinosaur, a system of demons that is considered to help users be able to endure and recover the “classic” in the ice. Animal Zoo.

One Piece 986 Ulti determined to take revenge on Yamato who is the strongest beauty in Wano | Manga/Film

The debt between the two will be resolved in the upcoming chapters

Therefore, if Ulti wants to take revenge on Yamato and there is a serious and serious fight between these two people, this will be a very attractive confrontation and balance. In addition, these are also the two most beautiful and unique girls of Wano nation.

What do you think about this confrontation, Ulti and Yamato who will be the stronger, who deserves to be the strongest beauty Wano national? Feel free to leave your comments by commenting on the bottom of the post!

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