One Piece 982: It is rumored that Blackbeard is coming to Wano, will Phoenix Phoenix die?

Will Blackbeard be in Wano?

A lot of information on the 982 forums about Blackbeard is coming to Wano. Specifically in an article that is said to be spoiler One Piece 982 The author has mentioned that Blackbeard and his crew are on their way to Wano and that the incidents in this secluded country have somehow been spread to the New World.

Will Blackbeard be in Wano?

This means that the Luffy alliance and their uprising in Wano have reached the bloody peoples and pirates of the New World. Blackbear’s arrival to Wano is also understandable when the secret of the One Piece treasure is contained here and the rare evil fruits will be what Blackbeard craves.

The Big Mom and Kaido alliance may just be the play that both of them created to carry out their plot. For someone as ambitious and calculating as Blackbeard he will not ignore the battle at Wano. It is also time for Oda to show Blackbeard the official expression of his incredible power with the two most powerful Devil fruits in the One Piece world.

Phoenix will die in Wano

This is what many people care about the former captain of the Whitebeard Pirates. Phoenix Marco went to Wano to help Luffy in defeating Kaido. The phoenix wings once again made Big Mom’s children hate.

One Piece 982 It is rumored that Blackbeard is coming to Wano will Phoenix Phoenix die | Manga/Film

Marco the Phoenix will face many dangers in Wano

However, many theories suggest that Phoenix will die in Wano. There are many images that Blackbeard Captain Jesus Burgess is hungry for Marco’s devil fruit, a mythical zoan that is one of the rarest in the world of One Piece. Burgess also had the intention of “chipping fat water” in Dressrosa when he tried to kill Luffy and steal the rubber.

With stamina in his classic form, Jesus Burgess will be extremely scary with the most recoverable Devil Fruit in One Piece that Marco owns. In terms of power, it seems Marco will be enough to defeat Jesus Burgess. However, he will find a way to “excess water drop” when Marco weakened because of confrontation with a certain enemy to kill.

One Piece 982 It is rumored that Blackbeard is coming to Wano will Phoenix Phoenix die | Manga/Film

Jesus Burgess is very hungry for the Devil Fruit that Marco owns

Overall this is something that no one wants, is a character with personality and power, hoping that Marco Phoenix fans will still see him roam in One Piece.

What do you think about Blackbeard’s appearance? Wano and the Devil Fruit that this four-king band wants to target is the rare Devil Fruit that Marco owns. Feel free to leave your comments by commenting on the bottom of the post!

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