One Piece: 6 characters that are more ‘worrying’ than Kaido that Luffy can face after the Wano arc?

Oda once stated that One Piece two-thirds of the way. Perhaps now Luffy and the Straw Hat crew will not have their happy days at sea anymore. From the Wano arc onwards, it is possible that the entire crew will have to face the most powerful not only the Pirates but also the Navy, revolutionaries and world government. After passing the test called Kaido and Arc Wano, the following 6 characters are the names Luffy might face if he wants to become Pirate King.

Big Mom

This is most likely the next name that Luffy will face after successfully overthrowing Kaido. The question is whether the battle between Luffy and Big Mom will take place at Wano or Cake Island. During the Cake Island section, Luffy confirmed that he was there just to save Sanji while waiting for the defeat of Kaido, the Straw Hat captain would “count” with Big Mom.

Currently, Big Mom’s actions at Wano and her attitude are still a big question mark for readers. Does Big Mom really want to ally with Kaido or this is just a drama, a plot to wait for Big Mom’s sentence to drop in Wano. Most likely Big Mom still left Wano safely, and the next time the opponent Luffy wants to take down is the only Yonko girl in this One Piece.


“The Red Dog” Akainu is the Admiral of the Navy, the head of the Navy at the moment. With her somewhat ruthless personality and absolute justice, Akainu will certainly not let the era of pirate threaten the world government any more.

One Piece 6 characters that are more worrying than Kaido that Luffy can face after the Wano arc | Manga/Film

And of course, beating the snake must hit the head, among those who are free at sea, if indeed Luffy defeated Kaido and left Wano safely, the top target that Akainu wanted to destroy was his captain. The Straw Hats. With his strength and ruthlessness, Akainu will be a dangerous opponent that Luffy may face in the future.

Red Hair Shanks

Red Hair Shanks, the most mysterious Yonko in One Piece. Appeared for a long time, but up to now, the strength of the “disabled association president” is still a big question for readers. There are many theories that Red Hair Shanks will be the final boss of the series, the one who ignited the fire of Luffy’s dream and who wants to extinguish it.

One Piece 6 characters that are more worrying than Kaido that Luffy can face after the Wano arc | Manga/Film

Of course this is only a hypothesis, but if this really happens, Oda has a “turn” too hard. Assuming Red Hair Shanks will be Luffy’s rival, with his strength, Shanks will surely be a huge opponent of Luffy.

The Gorosei

The Gorosei, also known as the Gorosei, is a group of five supreme powerful old men, the heads of the World Government. Basically, they rule the entire world, and the only one with the exception of a person with higher authority making them kneel is called Im-sama who mysteriously sits on the throne. In the hands of Five Lao Tinh over the entire Marines, Cipher Pol and Seven Wuyi Hai. They have a duty to observe and ensure the balance of the balance of world power.

One Piece 6 characters that are more worrying than Kaido that Luffy can face after the Wano arc | Manga/Film

Known as the most powerful men of the World Government, the Five Elders rule the world with more power than the other Heavenly Dragons (World Nobles) and have full control over the organization. . Even the orders of Marine admirals can be vetoed by their decisions. The Gorosei can order a Buster Call attack on any island they deem a threat and can grant this authority to others in the World Government. They can also revoke the title of That Vu Hai.

Outside of political powers, it is still unknown how powerful the Gorosei are. However, their muscles and scars on their body as well as the samurai sword of one of them showed that they were capable of fighting with a wealth of experience. With Luffy being the most dangerous pirate in the future, Luffy’s encounter with the Five Elders is probably inevitable.


In One Piece chapter 908, “Holy Oda” made the One Piece fan community almost fall over because of the brand new character Im-sama. He did not know what divine means that made the Five Elders kneel, obediently obeying.

One Piece 6 characters that are more worrying than Kaido that Luffy can face after the Wano arc | Manga/Film

With Luffy’s bounty stabbing and his eyes filled with mystery and danger, it is not too much to say that Im-sama is more likely to be Straw Hat Luffy`s final opponent on the journey. Become your Pirate King.

Black beard

Luffy and Blackbeard are a pair of rivalries that have been destined for a while, from their personalities, dreams, and perspectives on things being very contradictory. There is only one thing that both of them are very similar to is that both never give up on their dreams.

One Piece 6 characters that are more worrying than Kaido that Luffy can face after the Wano arc | Manga/Film

Their dream is to be the same, to be the Pirate King. Therefore, it is very likely that with the current power and future developments, both characters will have a death battle.

Above are the top 6 characters that are even stronger than Kaido if Luffy passes through Arc Wano. It is true that the road to fulfill Luffy’s dream of becoming the Pirate King is very difficult, right?

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