One Piece: 5 potential characters that can be “wounded” by Yonko Kaido during the upcoming battle at Wano

In the Wano arc, Kaido is the main enemy that people want to overthrow. However it is 1 Tu Hoang– the person with the highest wanted level today and was dubbed the “World’s most powerful creature”, surely with his strength he will not be easily defeated.

And now we are entering the 3rd arc of the Wano arc, a battle against Kaido Most likely will happen in this moment. To be defeated Tu Hoang This is actually a very difficult thing, but “hurting” him is not impossible. So who has the chance to be able to do this, let’s find out together.

1. Monkey D. Luffy

As the main character, Luffy is always the one who defeats the strongest enemy in the stories, and in this arc the person he has to defeat is Kaido. However Kaido is considered the strongest living creature and Luffy understood this after being defeated by a single blow in the battle at the beginning of the Wano arc.

In this battle, even though Luffy used the most dangerous techniques in his strongest state, it still could not do it Kaido unharmed, not only that, he was imprisoned in Udon prison.

But here he did not stop training hard to become stronger. And during training, he learned a new technique, high-class armed haki. And this is predicted to be how Luffy can “hurt” Kaido, when able to use this new technique to smash his physical defense.

2. Roronoa Zoro

One Piece 5 potential characters that can be wounded by Yonko Kaido during the upcoming battle at Wano | Manga/Film

From the very beginning of the Wano arc, we all know that this will be a special arc for Zoro, just like the Cake Island arc is for Sanji. Wano is a country of samurai and the context of this arc is set in the era of swordsmen … that is, the most suitable person of the Straw Hat crew for this arc is Rozonoa Zoro.

Especially now Zoro has an Enma sword – the sword that has caused a unique scar on him Kaido More and more people believe this theory. Having it, Zoro is like a “tiger with wings”, he will improve his sword skills as well as improve his Haki. Not only that, but Zoro will probably use this sword to hurt Kaido once again.

Moreover, if everyone remembers that Zoro had previously stated, there is nothing he can’t cut this time. Kaido will be a test worthy of Zoro’s ability. And if he really did Kaido injured, his name will be famous, no opponent dares to despise him anymore.

3. Eustass Kid

One Piece 5 potential characters that can be wounded by Yonko Kaido during the upcoming battle at Wano | Manga/Film

Everyone knows about the deep feud between Eustass Kid and Kaido. In the past he had confronted Tu Hoang this and lost miserably, then torture detention in Wano. Although currently, after the attack on Luffy’s prison of Udon, Kid has been released. But with his eager, stubborn nature, the Kid will surely return to confront Kaido once again.

Despite refusing to ally with Luffy because of his big ego. But with what that Kaido and his comrades who caused him, surely Kid will not be missed. So in the near future maybe he will still participate in a battle against Tu Hoang this.

And if luckily, this great war was a success with the Straw Hat victory, they would not kill the enemies they defeated, but their Kid would be different. We have seen him once formed an alliance to take revenge on Shanks, who made him lose his hand. Just as he was willing to eliminate any opponent who dared to get in his way. So with deep feud with Kaido then if Luffy and the group defeat them then Kid will be “executioner” to kill them instead of the Straw Hats.

4. Momonosuke

One Piece 5 potential characters that can be wounded by Yonko Kaido during the upcoming battle at Wano | Manga/Film

Kozuki Momonusuke is the son of Oden, exactly he was born 28 years ago, but he has been traveling for 20 years so now only people see him in the form of an 8-year-old child.

Momonosuke currently has an artificial (defective) Devil Fruit that has the ability to turn into a Chinese Dragon. Because Monosuke eats it unconsciously and doesn’t know how to use it, we haven’t had a chance to see if this fruit is any more interesting.

We also know that even though the whole family was killed, Momonosuke was lucky to survive, so he always kept his heart in front of the family’s deep feud. He always wanted to have a day to go back to Wano to take revenge on the people who caused his family pain. So it is no wonder Momonusuke wants to kill in the future Kaido with your own hands.

So what do people think when Momonusuke will awaken his Devil Fruit in the near future, and it will give him a great source of power, enough to help him deal with tough opponents. Just think of Momo transforming into a giant Dragon and using the Ame-no-Habakiri sword that Oden passed on to her “wounded”. Kaido is very excited already.

5. Big Mom

One Piece 5 potential characters that can be wounded by Yonko Kaido during the upcoming battle at Wano | Manga/Film

As we know the present Kaido and Big Mom has decided to establish a pirate alliance to deal with those who dare to confront him. Can say a tape Tu Hoang hard to deal with, there are still 2 crews Tu Hoang Together, this is undoubtedly one of the most powerful alliances ever.

However, we also know that the Big Mother is a very cunning person who is willing to betray her promise to her allies for her own gain. Therefore, it is possible that Big Mom is “pretending” to cooperate now. After achieving her goal, she will “flip out”, stealing the fruits of Kaido and caused a terrible storm to the whole pirate world.

If this is true then maybe in the upcoming battle, Big Mom will turn around and attack Kaido in Onigashima with the support of the “hidden” cubs somewhere in Wano Kingdom.

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