One Piece: 3 blondes, the stepchild, the comedy king!

Basil Hawkins

Basil Hawkins is a notorious pirate from the North Blue known as the “Wizard” and the captain of the Hawkins pirate crew. He is one of 12 pirates called “The Worst Generation”. His present bounty is 320,000,000 million Beli. Notorious for that, but only because of owning his legendary “yellow” hair, Hawkins was overwhelmed by St. Oda.

While Luffy is flattered to become the Yellow Emperor, Blackbeard is one of the four Kings of the sea, Hawkins suddenly becomes a henchman, the “guard dog” of Kaido. Recently Hawkins was also confronted by Zoro and Law trussed in Wano country. It seems that the fate of blonde hair by default is something that Hawkins must accept.

Basil Hawkins could not escape being drowned in his hair.


One Piece 3 blondes the stepchild the comedy king | Manga/Film

Also one of the 12 pirates of the worst generation, life could be changed for Killer if this guy does not choose the legendary blonde hair color. From his cool body with the nickname “Warrior of Slaughter” Killer quickly received a taste of “onion” from St. Oda.

On the Sabaody Killer Islands were chased by robots. When he reappeared while his captain “Bottle kid” was imprisoned by Kaido, Killer was confronted with an ugly appearance under the cover of Kamazo the Manslayer, Killer was forced to be a minion for Kurozumi Orochi in order to Waiting for an opportunity to save his captain.

Vinsmoke Sanji

“Black-legged” Sanji, also known as Vinsmoke Sanji is the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates, one of the powerful trio of monsters. He is also the third son and the fourth son of the Vinsmoke Family, the prince of the Kingdom of Germa, a notorious Mafia clan of the world in One Piece.

One Piece 3 blondes the stepchild the comedy king | Manga/Film

Golden boy in the village stepchild.

His majestic background, classic physical strength, good-looking are aristocratic but Sanji from the position of a superstar was mercilessly blessed by Saint Oda neff. At Sabaody while Luffy was taken to the island of women and had the most beautiful Crush in the world, Boa Hancock, Zoro was taken to the world’s strongest swordsman “Mihawk Mihawk” to hone his kendo, Sanji was taken to Okama Island – A island of feminine guys.

At Cake Island Arc, while Luffy was buffed to the Yonko, Sanji was as faint as the “invisible” shirt he was wearing. In Wano Country, many viewers were worried about Sanji’s fate because his blonde hair was still very bold.

Above are the Top 3 blonde-haired characters who were terrified by St Oda. In your opinion, are there any other “Hair Industry” characters that Oda has been subordinated to like the above 3 characters?

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