One Piece 2021: Top 3 characters who will die so that Luffy can live and leave Wano?

Trafalgar D. Law

If before, Portgas D. Ace was killed as soon as he was released from Impel Down because he had found the answer to the question “Should I be born in this world?”. Or have found a reason to set sail from the beginning. There are many people who have come into contact with Luffy All have dedicated themselves to sacrificing themselves for him and maybe Trafalgar D. Water Law will also sacrifice himself in the future.

Accordingly, the ultimate power of the Ope Ope No Mi fruit is the ability to bring eternal youth to others by trading all of their health. Having introduced such a supreme power that was never used throughout the series would be too simple. There is a reason why Law will use this power in the future for a certain character and possibly Luffy. Perhaps Law has played an important role in Luffy’s heart too. Therefore, if Law loses and gives life to Luffy, he could create a mutated power for the main character to fight against Kaido.

Monkey D. Garp

As we all know, “Hero of the Navy” is the title Luffy’s grandfather Monkey D. Garp earned after his glorious feat of defeating the legendary pirate crew Rocks. The battle between Garp and Pirate King Roger against the Rocks is the most mysterious clash of One Piece. Currently Garp’s grandson, Monkey D. Luffy, is present at Wano to perform the mission of defeating Kaido. However, now apart from Kaido, Luffy is also confronted with Big Mom, a former member of the Rocks Pirates.

One Piece 2021 Top 3 characters who will die so that Luffy can live and leave Wano | GameK

This will be very difficult for Luffy’s coalition force when with only two former members, Kaido and Big Mom, the Rocks are too strong and have the upper hand. So with the other mysterious members appearing, the chance for Luffy to win seems to be no. With the relationship between his grandfather and grandson and his own relationship with the Rocks Pirates in the past, it is possible that Garp will come to Wano and personally end this decades-long debt. Most likely Garp would not let Luffy die and repeat the mistake he made when he let Ace die in Akainu’s hands.

One of Oden’s gods

As we know the nine members of the Nine Hong Bao group are famous Oden famous gods under any circumstances, except the traitor Kanjuro. Moments before his death, Oden ordered the Nine Hong Bao to escape, Kaido cheered and said that the Kuzoki clan was over. Oden laughed and assured Kaido, “Don’t look down on my Samurai”. A statement expressing his absolute belief in his gods, whom he used his life to save them. It can be said that Nine Hong Bao is the last hope of Oden.

One Piece 2021 Top 3 characters who will die so that Luffy can live and leave Wano | GameK

Currently Oden’s gods have been knocked out by Kaido and have lost their ability to fight. The fight against Kaido will be handed over to Luffy and the other Supernovas. However, in order to help Luffy survive and escape Wano, it is very likely that one or more of the Nine Hong Bao members will sacrifice their lives to help the Straw Hat captain escape Wano. It also makes sense that Luffy defeated Kaido, the kingdom’s enemy Wano.

Above are the top 3 characters who may have to sacrifice for Luffy and the Straw Hat crew to successfully escape Wano. In addition to these names, are there any unlucky characters who will suffer the same fate? Please leave your comments!

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