One Piece 2021: How can Supernova defeat 2 Yonko at the same time?

One Piece 2020 ends with a classic clash between 5 Supernovae and 2 Yonko Kaido and Big Mom. Even though Luffy had an epic “opening up” phase, in terms of strength, it is impossible for 5 Supernovas to face off with 2 Yonko at the same time. Even the Navy or the world government has to worry about this terrorist alliance, the power of 5 names Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer and Law is not enough to face 2 Yonko at the same time.

Because of this, the biggest question in 2021 that Oda needs to solve is how to make the 5 Supernovas break the 2 Yonko alliance. Of course it will be the power buffs from the author, but buffs are one thing, but how to buff it to make sense is another story. One Piece fans are very crowded, many supporters of Oda also mean that if he made the wrong steps, he was completely stoned by readers without mercy.

One Piece 2021 How can Supernova defeat 2 Yonko at the same time | GameK

So what must Oda do to solve the problem of 5 Supernovas to defeat the alliance between the 2 Yonko. I use the phrase to defeat the alliance of 2 Yonko rather than defeat 2 Yonko because it feels like Big Mom will not interfere too deeply in the battle between Kaido and 5 Supernovas. Being a man with many plans, Big Mom is unlikely to want to destroy Luffy and the stubborn guys in the new generation. What she wants to aim for is the One Piece treasure, which Kaido is also very hungry for. For someone who is already too filtered in the New World like Big Mom, watching Kaido die in battle with the Supernova is also a good way.

Then we will focus on the story of 5 Supernovas and Yonko Kaido and his Beast Pirates. How can the 5 pirates of this new generation defeat the so-called “world’s most powerful creature”?

One Piece 2021 How can Supernova defeat 2 Yonko at the same time | GameK

First of all, it is about defeating Kaido to increase his strength. Currently, Luffy and Zoro shows that the two have grown stronger since their arrival at Wano. Luffy has a high level armed haki learned and had a “light test” on Kaido’s face in chapter 1000. Meanwhile, Zoro has his Enma, which can cut Kaido, which makes the Yonko obsessive. it was used in Oden’s hands. Law, Kid, and Killer most likely have quietly developed their powers and know how to harm Kaido during his travels in Wano.

However, in order to defeat this Yonko, it is likely that Kid and Luffy as well as Law will have to awaken the Devil Fruit they possess. Only when they did this would their offensive power be enough to make it happen Kaido Have trouble. Let’s remember that Kaido can be easily hit but his greatest strength is stamina and recovery. Without awakening and causing Kaido to actually take fatal blows, it would be difficult to defeat him.

One Piece 2021 How can Supernova defeat 2 Yonko at the same time | GameK

In addition to each of these 5 Supernovas must strengthen and even awaken their abilities, the element of coordination and the ability to cooperate in combat is also very important. Law has the ability to make battles between Kaido and his team of Supernovas take place in a room he creates. The Kid also has the ability to create a magnetic field. Luffy, Killer or Zoro are specialists in melee combat. If there is a good combination and cooperate with each other, the attacks of the 5 Supernovas will become much more transformative and beneficial. This will be guaranteed when out of the 5 names above is Law, a planner in combat and facing the enemy.

One Piece 2021 How can Supernova defeat 2 Yonko at the same time | GameK

Overall, 2021 will be a busy year for the individual Oda author and the editorial team. They will have to solve the problem of 5 Supernovae and 2 Yonko, a war that seems unbalanced at first glance, right. Although I know if I want to win a boss, I must be buffed, but hopefully the way that Oda buffs for 5 Supernovas will make readers happy.

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