One Piece: 10 pairs of matches to be expected by fans when Whitebeard’s crew confronts Roger (P1)

The Roger Pirates are led by the Pirate King himself Gol D. Roger. And the pirate crew White beard The first is the “strongest man in the world”. It can be said that these are two of the most powerful pirate groups of all time, a gathering place for the most talented characters.

In the past these two bands had a number of clashes with each other, but the result was a tie. So it’s hard to comment on which pirate crew is stronger. However, it is certain that when fighting, there will be matches that are worthy of each other, so today let’s come to the 10 pairs of talents that fans expect to see the most.

Here are the first 5 pairs.

first. Gol D. Roger with White beard

There would be no better way to start the list than if it wasn’t a match between two mighty captains Gol D. Roger with White beard.

Roger is known by the nickname of the Pirate King and is known as a “legend”, possessing tremendous power. In the past, he really rocked the whole world of piracy and even the world government had to be afraid of him.

Still White beard Dubbed the “strongest man in the world” with unrivaled physical strength. He possesses the Gura Gura Nomi Devil Fruit, the Paramecia System and it makes him a Shocker. According to Sengoku, White beard Possessing a power that can destroy the whole world.

According to Buggy, White beard The only one who can match Roger in a battle and they also respect each other. There is no doubt that this clash between legends is expected by fans.

2. Silvers Rayleigh with Marco

One Piece 10 pairs of matches to be expected by fans when Whitebeard s crew confronts Roger P1 | Manga/Film

Next is definitely the match between the two strong vice captains of these two pirates.

Silvers Rayleigh is the pirate captain of the Roger Pirates and is considered one of the strongest characters in the series, Shakuyaku once emphasized that he is 100 times stronger than the power of the 11 Supernovas combined. The Navy was also told that if Rayleigh was encountered, retreat immediately to minimize casualties.

And Marco is the captain of the pirates 1 White beard. He is also considered to be one of the strongest characters in what was confirmed in the battle, able to fight on par with all three admirals Kizaru, Aokiji and Akainu. Moreover, Marco can also be the strongest member after White beard in the ice, it was this reason that made him the new commander of the crew.

When the two crews clash, it seems that Marco and Rayleigh will fight with each other and this will be a great match.

3. Scopper Gaban with Kozuki Oden

One Piece 10 pairs of matches to be expected by fans when Whitebeard s crew confronts Roger P1 | Manga/Film

The next match is also a very strong pair of opponents is Scopper Gaban with Kozuki Oden.

Scopper Gaban is known to be a member as well as Gol D Roger’s right arm just like Silvers Rayleigh. He was once a notorious pirate, but for now all information about him is lost Although we do not yet know the true strength of Scopper Gaban, but there are many rumors that he is invisible. strong together. Many hypotheses that the power of Gaban in the ice only behind Roger and Rayleigh only.

And Oden is undeniable, from the moment he was born he possessed a great power and was destined to become a “legend”. When he was a young man, he was famous throughout the country for his glorious feats.

While still alive Oden was good at swordsmanship, even Gol D. Roger and Roger White beard Also fascinated by his power and ability. Not only that, he is also known as the only one who causes Kaido’s only “scar” – the person considered to be the strongest creature in the world with terrible power and “immortal wounds” skin.

And the match between these two characters is definitely one of the highest matches when the two crews face off against each other.

4. Inuarashi with Vista

One Piece 10 pairs of matches to be expected by fans when Whitebeard s crew confronts Roger P1 | Manga/Film

Next is the battle between the talented swordsmen of 2 Inuarashi and Vista.

Mr. Inuarashi is one of the two leaders of the Mink clan, the king of Dawn. The most outstanding point of Inuarashi is stamina and endurance. He can fight for days against Jack. Besides, Inuarashi is also the best swordsman when combined with electricity (the innate ability of the Mink clan).

And Vista is the sword of ice White beard and also the captain of the 5th pirate crew. His formidable physical strength, reflexes, and speed were seen during the Great War at Marineford. Typically, he cooperated with Phoenix Phoenix to protect Ace’s brother – Luffy from Akainu’s punch.

5. Nekomamushi with Jozu

One Piece 10 pairs of matches to be expected by fans when Whitebeard s crew confronts Roger P1 | Manga/Film

A battle that is also expected by many fans is the confrontation between Nekomamushi and Jozu.

Like Inuarashi, Nekomamushi is a top warrior. He is also known for being extremely powerful, able to use swords in combination with electricity and transform into Sulong or have endurance to fight for days.

And Jozu is the captain of the third team of the pirates White beard , he is strong enough to fight on par with the Shichibukai and the navy. Jozu ate the Kira Kira no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform parts and most likely his entire body into diamonds. This power has earned him the nickname “Diamond Jozu”.

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