One Piece: 10 mysteries at Wano are still waiting for Oda to answer (P.2)

Wano is still going on with countless mysteries waiting to be answered. Let’s explore together!

6. Zoro’s true identity

In previous news articles, I have mentioned that Zoro has a lot of connections with Wano. His master is of the Shimotsuki family, his appearance is very similar to Ryuma when he was young, his four swords have recently been descended from Wano, his master gave him the Wado Ichimonji from when he was a child. hesitated, while the sword should have been the heirloom of the Shimotsuki family to pass on.

It is even possible that Zoro was given the second sword Oden, and in the recent chapter, he announced he would cut Kaido, a dragon, similar to what Ryuma used to do in legend. Too many details suggest that Zoro has a mysterious connection to the land of these Samurai, is Roronoa really his full surname? Or do you have another mysterious name like how Law hid D. from his name? Too many mysteries about Zoro in this Arc have not been revealed by Oda.

7. Relationship between Sasaki and Kokoro

In the latest color photo’s One Piece, Oda has revealed the full identity of Sasaki, with long green hair and a white captain’s hat. Sasaki’s hair color and appearance are quite similar to Kokoro, a character who has appeared in Arc Enies Lobby before. In addition, Sasaki is more likely to be mermaid (with teeth, nose and body features), which raises questions about the relationship between these two characters.

Could Sasaki be Mrs. Kokoro’s son? We also can’t overlook the fact that Denjiro tied Sasaki instead of killing him on the spot when he was tied up, which makes us unable to stop thinking that Oda had another important mission for him. This character, and the connection between him and Kokoro will most likely be the key to making him your army in the near future.

One Piece 10 mysteries at Wano are still waiting for Oda to answer P 2 | GameK

8. Wano country of gold and sea urchin

In chapter 937, Gyukimaru revealed that hundreds of years ago when Ryuma was still alive, Wano was also known as the Golden Kingdom, or country of gold. Earlier in chapter 924, Hawkins also revealed that the Seastone Stone used to control today’s Devil Fruit users is also sad from Wano. All of them show that Wano nation was once a very powerful country, with modern technologies far superior to the present times.

In addition to the seagulls, Wano is also the residence of the Kozuki clan, who made the ancient Poneglyph stones. So what happened after Ryuma’s mysterious death, what caused Wano to change his name and close the door to the outside world, are all mysteries that have not been answered by Oda as of now.

One Piece 10 mysteries at Wano are still waiting for Oda to answer P 2 | GameK

9. The real connection between Yamato and Ace

Previously, Yamato revealed that she met Ace when he passed by here. However, after the public execution of Oden, Yamato adopted a wish to become Oden and was apparently locked up by Kaido on Onigashima Island since she was eight years old. So is Onigashima’s location the same as it is now or was it connected to Wano? If not, then did Ace come to Onigashima when he stopped by, then met Yamato? In addition, is the name Ace in the series King, Queen, Jack in the deck is a coincidence? Will Kaido ever take in Ace but fail?

One Piece 10 mysteries at Wano are still waiting for Oda to answer P 2 | GameK

10. Orochi’s death

After being slashed by Kaido when he mentioned the new Onigashima plan, Orochi appears to be dead. However, his important role here, as well as his legendary zoan evil powers, leave many readers believing that he is not dead. In particular, in chapter 990, Fukurokuju, the leader of the Oniwabanshu group under Orochi earlier, quietly escaped the battle between the Samurai faction and Kaido’s army and was only discovered by Hotei, the captain of the Mimawarigumi. Does his silent disappearance have anything to do with Orochi’s plans, such as resurrecting him?

One Piece 10 mysteries at Wano are still waiting for Oda to answer P 2 | GameK

Above are 10 typical mysteries at Wano that we have yet to find the answer. Do you have an answer to any of these mysteries? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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