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One more sex denomination was discovered: Having existed for 30 years, members must entertain the priest

Perhaps many people are still not shocked when a notorious sex sect in the US was exposed around mid-last year, with the leader, Keith Raniere and the involvement of celebrities, for example. like the famous actor from the Smallville Allison Mack series.

This is a disguised organization, making the gullible women become victims of unwilling devotion to the cardinals. At first, they were greeted with sweet words, wonderful things, an exciting and luxurious life. They are hailed as mature women “seeking happiness and meaning in life”.

But once they get here, they will become Keith Raniere’s sex slaves, forced to serve him at any time with the most pathetic tricks. They were also forced to put the hierophant’s name on him in a way similar to medieval torture, which was to heat an iron rod and apply it directly to the flesh without any anesthetic.

This year, a similar cult in Italy has just been discovered after a raid on Sunday by the police of this country.

It is known that the leader of this sexual sect is a 77-year-old clergyman, nicknamed the Doctor (The Doctor). He is accused of running a cult based in Novara, near Milan, for 30 years.

The police raided the sex sect’s headquarters led by a man nicknamed Doctor.

As Messaggero reported, members of the sect are mostly young girls, even at the age of a member.

They are drawn, seduced, even forced to perform pathological sexual acts to entertain the clergy, but of course are covered with words that they are going to discover themselves or enjoy. Enjoy a true happy life, etc.

The sex sect headed by a doctor has a pyramid-like structure, meaning that the most loyal members will receive orders directly from the doctor to order other members.

All members worship the leader as God and must follow his orders. He has great power, which will assign who does what, including the division of houses to a number of girls.

He even decides where the members are going, what to do or who to talk to. If they do not comply, they will be threatened with social isolation.

One more sex denomination was discovered Having existed for 30 years members must entertain the priest | Khám phá

Young women who are members of the organization must perform sick tricks to entertain the priest.

It is known that this illegal organization operates under a mystic belief in the Celtic culture, in which women are convinced that they should suffer from sexual abuse.

According to the sect’s philosophy, if they do that, “the fire within them” will be lit. They are all brainwashed, psychologically trained to help recruit new members to join.

However, once they become members of the sect, they will be pressured to sever ties with family, relatives and friends, only to meet and meet other members of the group only. .

Many people are surprised to know that, living in the middle of the 21st century with the rapid development of technology and the Internet today, there are still many people willing to volunteer to follow a harsh life, banned from related to the world. outside world like that.

One more sex denomination was discovered Having existed for 30 years members must entertain the priest | Khám phá

The video provided by the police shows girls topless and dancing at a dance school belonging to the organization.

Under the guise of being a place to help women promote their abilities, the Doctrine of Doctors also opened 2 dance schools. However, in a video recording the activities of a dance school published by the police, it was found that young girls have topless to participate in dancing.

One of the victims of the sect told the police: “He decides everything, for example, who you can meet, where you can work. He chooses a girl to entertain him.”

The victim also said that members are not allowed to call the doctor’s name.

One more sex denomination was discovered Having existed for 30 years members must entertain the priest | Khám phá

It is not clear whether Italian police have arrested those involved in the organization.

Meanwhile, the Italian police has not made a notice about the arrest of anyone as well as how many people related to this organization or not.

They have been investigating this sexuality for 2 years thanks to information provided by a former member of the organization.

According to the Mirror

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