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On Tet holiday, two bowls of mixed noodles were ‘hacked’ 300k, the online community lamented and criticized

Tet holiday is one of the special occasions of the year, when it is not simply a holiday for many people but also an opportunity to increase the income for restaurant owners, especially food. For simplicity, it is an opportunity for them to have the opportunity to increase the price by 2, even 3 times higher than normal and that extra fee is often called by the online community as “Tet service fee”.

However, it is still known that the traditional Tet holiday is such expensive food, but 2-3 times the people can still endure it. But after listening to the story of eating 2 bowls of pho mixed with price … 300k in Hanoi’s old town, indeed, most netizens feel bored and bored. Indeed, although the restaurant in the old town which is famous for its expensive price, but no one thought, two bowls of mixed noodle daily would only cost about 60k hours and have 5 times the price.

Nothing special, but these two bowls of pho cost up to 300k

Well, I still know that it’s the New Year, but the cost increased by 5 times but the quality of service and products is not even equal to the normal day, so netizens have a reason to complain. Many comment also accuse this restaurant used to “exorbitant” diners already, regular days also sell quite high prices, but the quality of food is not commensurate with the amount customers have to pay.

On Tet holiday two bowls of mixed noodles were hacked 300k the online community lamented and criticized | Game Online

Most netizens criticized for this ridiculous price increase

Well, maybe this is also a lesson for all gamers as well as the online community, going to eat on New Year is best so ask carefully the price does not swallow, and when you charge the money you feel loss again.

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