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Official! Raid will certainly not close in Vietnam, just transfer NPH

Yesterday, the Vietnamese gaming community grieved when VTC Intecom (VTC Game) broadcasted its announcement Stop the Raid service in Vietnam market. Quoted from VTC Game’s notice: “Entering 2020, marking 13 years of Raid is also the end of the contract period between VTC Intecom and Smilegate. We would like to announce the termination of Raid Game service from 12:00 on 01/01. 07/2020.

Notice from VTC Intecom

During this time, the Raid will maintain continuity as usual. Regarding the account, the rights of players, the publisher will ensure in accordance with the law and will have the next notice as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and support throughout this journey. ”

However, as we have analyzed, VTC Game does not use the term “stop publishing” or “closed” in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, it is very likely that Raid will continue to be released in Vietnam in another form.

Official Raid will certainly not close in Vietnam just transfer NPH | Mobile & Social

And the latest official announcement from VTC Online

Indeed true, today, VTC Online has broadcast a notification on the official takeover of Raid from VTC Game. Specifically this message as follows: “After reaching the final agreement, VTC Online has officially completed the signing of the contract Release Raid product in Vietnam with Smilegate. This is one of the business strategies from VTC Multimedia Corporation in the coming period. Mr. Hoang Nhat Linh – Deputy Director of the company in charge of publishing: “Until now, Raid is still the No. 1 product in the shooter genre. We will try our best to make this product available. to develop more strongly in Vietnam market ”

Official Raid will certainly not close in Vietnam just transfer NPH | Mobile & Social

So, this is just a transfer between NPH VTC Intecom (VTC Game) and VTC Online for Sudden Raid game project. not the end for this product in Vietnam. Because, Raid is still developing very stable in Vietnam and China.

Even in its home country of Korea, Suddenly had to close because revenue in this market is not enough to ensure operation. But with markets still having large players like Vietnam and China, it is not foolish that Smilegate (the father of Raid) Leave this game “dead”..

Official Raid will certainly not close in Vietnam just transfer NPH | Mobile & Social

Raid is one of the products online game “first life” of Vietnamese gaming village and up to the present time, it can be considered an old man, witnessing a lot of ups and downs of Vietnam’s online gaming market. Despite many difficulties, Raid still tried to stand firm and withstand up to the present time. In particular, the number of players of this game is still not small. So, try to wait and see if this game’s fate will turn out okay.

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