Official: Netflix will release an anime series adapted from the legendary Diablo game

Recently, president of Activision Blizzard studio, Nick van Dyk, has officially confirmed the launch of an anime series adapted from the legendary Diablo game on Netflix. Not only stopped at the level of rumors as before anymore, Nick said the project is currently in the process of implementation, and he will also act as the Production Manager.

In his LinkedIn profile, Nick van Dyk confirmed the existence of the Diablo anime series, as he was the Production Manager and Netflix was chosen to send gold as the official publisher.

The first information surrounding the Diablo animation series came out about two years ago, when Blizzard confirmed that they were working on many projects related to the classic RPG game brand. Even Hellboy writer Andrew Cosby once confirmed this information on Twitter, but then quickly deleted it to avoid facing fans. Since then, the information related to the Diablo anime series has gradually fallen into oblivion.

Things started to become more sensible as Blizzard repeatedly fired hints about new Diablo projects over the past 2 years. The first is the mobile version Diablo Immortal launched in 2018, but unfortunately a true spray bomb. Fans were extremely angry about both the visuals and gameplay of this game, constantly mercilessly throwing stones on Blizzard’s official YouTube channel. Not stopping there, by 2019, they continued to release a movie trailer for Diablo 4, immediately reached the top 10 of the most desirable games in the future and received much more enthusiastic welcome from fans than “brother” on mobile.

Official Netflix will release an anime series adapted from the legendary Diablo game | Live

After the heavy defeat of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard has partly regained the trust of fans with the Diablo 4 project.

Besides Diablo, Nick’s LinkedIn information also confirms the existence of an animated series adapted from the game Overwatch. However, specific information about this project was not disclosed clearly, details outside the words: “With my creative team, we have successfully developed and sold the Overwatch animation series“, And sold to any studio, he did not mention.

Finally, another name in the Blizzard family will also appear on the big and small screens in the future is Call of Duty. Nick said that currently, this project has ensured in terms of production costs, the screenwriters are ready and only waiting for him to recruit more talents can start work immediately. In addition, it seems that his ambition for Call of Duty does not stop at one or two movie films, but will be a large universe, like the MCU or DCEU.

Official Netflix will release an anime series adapted from the legendary Diablo game | Live

Besides Diablo, Nick also confirmed that he has developed an animated series adapted from the game Overwatch.

As for the information about the new Diablo anime, it seems that not every fan is optimistic about the project this time. A classic game like Diablo, and especially associated with the childhood of many generations in Vietnam, the expectations that they set for the follow-up products are extremely large. Meanwhile, while Netflix has grown in abundance in recent years, anime has never been rated as their strong point.

However, the more optimistic fans still have faith in the Diablo anime. After all, Nick van Dyk has had experience working with Netflix in the Skylanders Academy animation series – also adapted from the children’s game Skylanders. As a senior at Blizzard, he also somewhat understands the nature and value of Diablo, and will definitely do everything to convey them in the upcoming anime version.

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