Official: LPL postpones indefinitely, Chinese LoL risk being absent from MSI because of Corona flu pandemic

Today, after a lot of rumors, finally an official announcement from the tournament organizers League of Legends Chinese pro was launched, regarding the scheduling issues LPL Spring 2020 after being affected by the pandemic Corona flu.

Specifically, the entire schedule of LPL Spring 2020 from February 5 (right after the end of the Lunar New Year holiday) “will be postponed indefinitely until further notice is received. image of disease control “. At the same time, the opening ceremony of the LPL Spring Season 2020 will be canceled.

It is known that, at the moment, there are many players and coaches in the LPL are also located in the quarantine area, including Clearlove – EDward Gaming coach currently present in Hubei area. – The focus of the Corona flu.

According to the China General Administration of Sports, all public sports activities in the country, including e-sports tournaments, are in danger of being shut down until mid-April. But even even the current situation is even more potential, due to the complexity of the disease spread (outbreaks just in time for the Lunar New Year).

Official LPL postpones indefinitely Chinese LoL risk being absent from MSI because of Corona flu pandemic | Esports

Coach ClearLove is being isolated in his hometown of Hubei province due to the effects of the flu

Therefore, the official announcement from Riot China has determined that the delay of the LPL schedule is indefinitely, meaning the suspension may last through April. This also means the tournament. The first international event of 2020 – Mid Season Invitational will most likely not have the presence of representatives from LPL, partly for medical reasons (the Chinese government has issued a ban on exit with Chinese citizens. National since January 27), and the rest because the 2020 Spring LPL will not be able to finish on the right schedule.

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