Official: iPhone 12 to launch next week

Apple recently officially announced the time to launch the next generation of iPhone. True to some previously leaked information, the iPhone 12 event will take place on October 13 (US time, October 14, Vietnam time). Thus, users will be able to see new iPhone models in a week.

The message that Apple is sending with this event invitation is “Hi, Speed” (Hello, speed). As with the previous events, behind each of these messages is a hint related to one (or more) upcoming products.

Speaking of speed, there will be a lot more Apple fans can relate to. Maybe Apple is talking about the A14 Bionic chip with terrible performance built into the iPhone 12? Or is iPhone 12 the first iPhone generation to support ultra-fast 5G network technology?

Also, do not focus too much on the iPhone but ignore another equally important piece, which is the Mac. At WWDC programmer event in June, Apple announced that it would give up Intel chips to use its own chips developed by itself on the Mac computer product line. Apple then promised to release the first Mac with a homegrown chip later this year. Affordable, besides the iPhone 12, will this also be the event that the new generation of Macs with Apple chips is officially unveiled?

There are so many unanswered unknowns, and if you’re a tech fan, you won’t want to miss out on this year’s biggest event. So, once again, keep in mind that the Apple event will begin to take place at times 0:00 on October 14 (Vietnam time)

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