Official farewell to SwordArt, Suning’s future is doubted

Recently, Suning Has officially announced his farewell to support player Hu “SwordArt“Shuo-Chieh, ending 2 years with the star’s Worlds runner-up team born in 1996. This announcement also means that SwordArt will not sign a new contract with SN, and there is a high possibility of joining a other teams in the 2021 Preseason transfer market.

In Suning’s Twitter post, Andy “Reginald” Dinh – Team SoloMid’s owner also left a commentary encouragement to SwordArt, and the move could be seen as a tacit affirmation of the former Flash Wolves player. will join TSM, as rumored earlier.

Official farewell to SwordArt Suning s future is doubted | Esports

Many viewers believe that SwordArt is Suning’s weakest link, just because they have witnessed many situations of handling his “blind face”. However, if you are a follower of Suning long enough and deep enough, fans can feel the importance of SwordArt to this team.

He is the captain and also the main team caller. Not only that, SwordArt is also the person that connects the team members and is the spiritual fulcrum of teammates. The remaining 4 members of SN, including SofM, both have a quite self-contained personality and rarely actively communicate, so SN fans joked that every time they watch the team’s mic-check, “only the mouth of SwordArt is loud”.

Official farewell to SwordArt Suning s future is doubted | Esports

Although there are a few situations that “hurt the eyes” of the audience, but SwordArt is always worthy of the role of a big brother at Suning.

In other words, the loss of SwordArt was in fact not an active blood change from Suning, but exactly a huge loss in terms of force for this team. At present, SofM’s future is still a question mark, but perhaps with Duy Cau Giay’s contract renewal, the search for a high-class Support player to replace SwordArt will also become. an urgent mission of SN, if they want to continue to conquer glorious heights in the future.

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