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OCTOPUS software – All-in-one solution for the retail industry

OCTOPUS is a software that helps optimize the management of marketing activities of the business, including: display audit, activation, event, POSM …

TEN Group team received Sao Khue 2021 award for OCTOPUS software product.

Digitalize your marketing

Among the factors that influence consumer buying sentiment such as displays, new products, promotions, pricing, and choice of stores, the most important thing is to create convenience, variety and ease of use. product identification. Therefore, brands are always trying to make the fastest impression in the first 3 seconds to change consumers’ buying decisions with many displays of goods in stores, supermarkets …

In particular, a number of industries that pay special attention to product display include food, beverage, milk, alcoholic beverages, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, furniture, electronics – refrigeration. , fashion…

Displaying products is always a battle of brands in choosing a “prime” position to attract customers to consume their products. In the opposite direction, the business will pay the display bonus for the point of sale. However, this marketing strategy leads to a big data problem.

OCTOPUS software All in one solution for the retail industry | Information ICT

Features of OCOTPUS – All-in-one solution for retail marketing activities.

Survey from an actual brand with a total number of points of sale up to several hundred thousand points nationwide, there will be corresponding to a huge number of markers, about three thousand scoring employees. The cost of paying salaries for them is very large, about 30 billion VND per installment. At the same time, the amount paid for the bonus displayed for the point of sale is up to 100 billion VND.

In addition to the high costs, the corporation also faced the problem of third-party personnel reporting fraud. This leads to inaccurate information, huge waste of costs, and a heavy impact on the group’s marketing performance.

In this context, TEN Group OCTOPUS has been developed to solve the aforementioned problems, helping to avoid large costs and increase the accuracy and efficiency of marketing activities. The salespeople only need to use OCTOPUS software to simply take pictures of the shelves. Thanks to the application of artificial intelligence (AI), the software will automatically identify products, count products, recognize location, time, detect fraudulent photos through the computer screen and produce time reports. real time for customers.

Increased transparency and accuracy

Combining advanced technologies such as: React, Node JS, .NET Core, AI (TensorFlow, Kafka, Apache Storm, MongoDB, SQL Server), OCTOPUS is cross-platform compatible and high digital conversion capabilities.

In addition, OCTOPUS has been developed, customized and integrated with social platforms (Zalo, Facebook messenger) to apply to the deployment and management of integrated marketing activities easily, accurately, save costs and increase efficiency.

OCTOPUS software All in one solution for the retail industry | Information ICT

Software interface OCTOPUS – Sao Khue 2021.

In the past, thousands of markers were required for each display inspection. After OCTOPUS is in place, just 1 project manager and 2 project secretaries can manage millions of points. The software also has the ability to locate and warn 2 stores too close together (5m radius) to prevent fraud, record real-time accuracy, connect with social networking platforms to receive information. from the end consumer.

“OCTOPUS makes checking and grading simple, resulting in an 80% reduction in the cost of hiring external scoring staff and a 75% savings in the cost of paying wasted bonuses on inaccurate scoring. Applying technology to help save costs, increase accuracy, shorten time, increase efficiency dramatically and help businesses go faster in the digital transformation process “, Mr. Le Van Binh , President and CEO of TEN Group.

The market of OCTOPUS is considered to be very potential with many large foreign enterprises still using traditional management methods with high cost and time consuming. Based on the competitive advantages gained by its unique selling point, TEN Group pursues the strategy of market penetration for the domestic market and the development orientation of the international market in the future.

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