Occupying the “spotlight” in 3 categories of WeChoice Awards 2020, the leader of Team Heavy still gives “wing” words to MisThy.

AS Mobile – The name “smooth face” with Free Fire Vietnam is also the second most influential person in this community. He is also the founder of 2 teams Free Fire and Lien Quan – Heavy with leading skills in domestic tournaments.

His real name is Nguyen Huu Sang, born in 1996, born and raised in Vung Tau, but chose to settle in the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, at the end of 12th grade, this guy decided to be born spontaneously, used to work with many jobs such as running tables, serving restaurants, photographers, silver workers and then working as an electrician and developing at the same time. My YouTube Gaming channel. With what has been devoted, AS Mobile currently has a large fan base with nearly 5 million followers on YouTube channel.

In 2020, AS Mobile’s Heavy Free Fire team will become the runner-up of the Summer Survival Arena 2020 – the tournament has a total prize value of up to 1.5 billion VND. After the success with Free Fire, AS Mobile surprised the community again when recruiting the Lien Quan Project H team – the team with the nucleus of the current KA, Turtle, Team Heavy and IGP Gaming in the past used to be a counterbalance. No.1 of Team Flash and in the Top 4 strongest teams in the world.

Occupying the spotlight in 3 categories of WeChoice Awards 2020 the leader of Team Heavy still gives wing words to MisThy | GameK

This is also what he is most proud of when looking back at the past year: “In the past year, what I am most proud of is the establishment of Heavy Organization with 2 teams of League of Legends and Free Fire with rankings in the esports industry. Organization is also the driving force for me to keep trying. I want to build Heavy into a common house, so that any factor here will have the best development environment ”.

With the impressive successes achieved, AS Mobile is loved by fans when nominating his name in 3 categories of WeChoice Awards 2020Includes: Inspirational Character, Courage and Gamer / Streamer of the Year. In particular, the leader of Team Heavy is in the top 2 characters with a high number of votes in the Confrontation Bravery. It seems that his professionalism in organizing and managing while driving the Heavy boat has made the Free Fire community admire.

AS Mobile shares its feelings when it is on the nominees list at the WeChoice Awards 2020.

Touched by the fans’ love for me. He shared:“To be honest, I was quite surprised because I didn’t think everyone would be loved that much. I will try to build Team Heavy to become stronger, more influential, and also bring out more quality products with many new activities, bringing the brand to new heights, not only associated with the Game. capital ”.

Also in the conversation with us, AS Mobile dedicates many “winged” words to MisThy. He acknowledged the presence of this female streamer at WeChoice Awards 2020 is what he was impressed with, because over the past year MisThy has worked hard, tried to dedicate himself and has many achievements in her work. In addition, the female streamer is also a close friend of AS Mobile in life.

Occupying the spotlight in 3 categories of WeChoice Awards 2020 the leader of Team Heavy still gives wing words to MisThy | GameK

In addition, AS Mobile was surprised when this year the BTC program added a new category of Gamers / Streamer of the Year, which meant that the community began to recognize this as a job, not just a job. gaming. This 1996-born leader also thanked his fans for his support and affection for him.

In the coming time, AS Mobile will learn the training process of foreign esports, a vision to represent Vietnam to stand shoulder to shoulder with other esports organizations in the world with the style: Professional – Passionate – Destroy way.

Nomination round of the program WeChoice Awards 2020 will last until January 5, 2020, if you love AS Mobile, please vote for him here Please!

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Occupying the spotlight in 3 categories of WeChoice Awards 2020 the leader of Team Heavy still gives wing words to MisThy | GameK

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