Observe the extreme confrontation between martial arts master Jackie Chan and “The Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger in the latest Iron Mask trailer

Iron Mask (also known as Long An Co Mat) is an action movie, martial arts mixed with fiction, mythology that has been released in many regions in 2019. However, Due to various copyright reasons, this film has been delayed continuously in many countries despite having completed all production stages since 2018.

In the midst of a gloomy film market due to the effects of Covid-19, Lionsgate film studio recently announced that it will release a digital version of Iron Mask, as well as release according to the situation in the regions. different from 11/20 to here. Accompanying it is a brand new trailer, including everything the fans want: epic tricks, top martial arts performances, magnificent oriental dragons, and especially direct head between 2 big action stars: Jackie Chan – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The latest Iron Mask trailer was unexpectedly released, although the film was released last year in several regions of the world.

Iron Mask, also known as Viy 2: Journey to China, is a post-story of the dark fantasy work Viy, which was released in 2014. Just like part 1, Iron Mask continues to use the context of the world. 18th century, bringing the audience to follow the explorer Jonathan Green from England to Transylvania (China) to map undiscovered places.

Here, he had the opportunity to meet many strange creatures that reside in a mysterious sacred forest, as well as be caught up in the legendary story of the Dragon King with a terrible power to change destiny. of the whole country. That makes many ambitious breeders able to acquire this creature to become the master of the world.

Besides, Jonathan also had the opportunity to meet with a martial arts master nicknamed Master (Jackie Chan). In order to save his homeland from destruction, Master must escape the solitary tower that no one has been able to escape in the past 500 years. Opposing him is the crazy prison guard James Hook (Arnold Schwarzenegger), an opponent is not comfortable at all.

In addition to the fascinating mythology scenario, spectacular epic effects, Iron Mask also especially attracts attention when gathering 2 of the best action stars today: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan.

Before that, the two biggest action stars in the world had the opportunity to collaborate well in the movie Around the World in 80 Days, released in 2004. However, the film confrontation was fair as in the trailer above is what fans have come to expect from a illustrious “Terminator”, and a martial arts genius of China and world cinema.

Iron Mask will be crafted under the magical hands of director Oleg Stepchenko, with the script by himself and Petrukhin and Dmitri Palees. Besides Jackie Chan and Arnold, this film also brings together a number of notable faces such as Jason Flemyng, Charles Dance (both participated in part 1), Helen Yao and Rutger Hauer.

As mentioned above, Iron Mask has been shown in many countries, including Russia (September 19, 2018), China (August 16, 2019), the Philippines or the United Kingdom in April. And on November 20, this movie will officially release the digital version for the entire world audience to enjoy.

According to Movieweb

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