Nurse crying to resign because she was banned from wearing N95 mask while treating patients with Covid-19 infection

The Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to intensify in the United States when more than 290,000 people are infected and at least 7,844 people die. In particular, many health workers have also been infected by the virus at the front line against epidemics.

On March 31, Dr. Frank Garbin died at his home in New Jersey in the arms of his relatives, just one week after being infected with the virus. His departure made Americans deeply regretful, but also showed the painful situation that many hospitals have not yet taken tough measures to protect the medical team.

Before such shortages, Imaris Vera nurse in Chicago bought herself a N95 mask. However, she said the superiors had banned the use because it “made it easy for people to think that the hospital’s ICU (intensive care) department is dedicated to treating people with Covid-19”.

Female nurse Imaris Vera, 30 years old

Vera has over 3 years of experience in trauma, postoperative care, cardiology and full-time intensive care. She wanted to stay in the hospital for a long time to help the community, but recently decided to resign. Vera then burst into tears explaining the specific reason in a video posted to Instagram on March 30:

Today, I have chosen my life and my family members – people with underlying medical conditions and certainly will not receive mechanical ventilation if they get Covid-19 from me!

I used to have a completely different thought when I went to the ICU room this morning. I expect all doctors and nurses to wear N95 masks, but nobody wears any masks.

Afterwards, a nurse came and gave each of them a unique N95, accompanied by a brown paper bag for daily storage and reuse. I asked, “So what if the mask is contaminated? What about our safety?”

The manager said: “The health of the employees is a top priority, if there is enough supply then everyone will wear a medical mask next week.”

I object that the mask is not enough to protect people in the ICU room, but the superior only replies “is following the instructions of the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)”.

I replied, “90% of our patients have been intubated, they are painfully lying in bed and positive for the virus. We have to be careful in case everyone in the hospital is at risk. infect corona virus “.

I also told my superiors about the nurses who used to wear medical masks, and now they are in the ICU room, intubated and fighting for their lives. Speaking of which, tears rolled down and my goggles blurred …

Then I asked myself, “How do I pay my bills, rent and daily food now?”.

One last time, I pleaded in tears: “Can I wear my N95 mask? I understand that we are in short supply but I have prepared it for myself.”

The manager said I could not do so. Finally, I submitted the report and left … America was not prepared and the nurses were not safe!

Nurse crying to resign because she was banned from wearing N95 mask while treating patients with Covid 19 infection | Internet

Imaris Vera’s post has more than 144,000 views and 3,400 comments

The saddest thing is that situations like Vera are happening in many other hospitals in the United States. A nurse in Missouri also resigned because he could not wear the N95 mask that he himself equipped. In California, nurses have accused Kaiser Permanente Medical Group of threatening to fire its employees if they are “stubborn” wearing N95 masks.

In response, more and more people on the front lines fighting the Covid-19 epidemic struggle for their own safety. On April 2, nurses at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City – the nation’s epidemic center – asked together for N95 masks, protective gear and other medical equipment.

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Nurse crying to resign because she was banned from wearing N95 mask while treating patients with Covid 19 infection | Internet

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