Numerous iPhone applications are crashing, the culprit is Facebook

According to the information we recorded, a series of common applications on iOS are crashing. Users will be immediately “thrown” out of the main screen when accessing the application.

This problem is affecting a large number of users, as the list of applications that are experiencing problems is increasing. Not only foreign applications such as Spotify, Viber, Tinder, COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Lien Quan Mobile, VSCO … but a series of applications from Vietnam such as Momo, The Coffee House, Now … also met. similar situation.

Through our research, the problem that caused a series of iOS applications to crash is not entirely caused by Apple, but by … Facebook. Currently, Facebook’s SDK on iOS is having problems, causing all applications that use the Facebook SDK to crash.

Numerous iPhone applications are crashing the culprit is Facebook | Mobile

One of the most popular features of the Facebook SDK that many programmers put into their applications is “Login with Facebook”. Even if users do not have the Facebook application installed or even do not have a Facebook account, the application if using the Facebook SDK will still crash.

Currently, Facebook said it is investigating the cause of the problem to fix.

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