NTN Vlogs – The most controversial YouTuber in Vietnam announced to quit the 8 million sub channel: ‘I feel like I’m falling, tired and it’s time to leave’

A few hours ago, many people were extremely surprised when NTN Vlogs posted a video called ‘NTN – The last video‘on the channel, the official announcement to stop Youtuber.

In the 7-minute video, he shared: ‘I officially stopped doing youtube from today. After 6 years of making YouTube, there are many ups and downs coming to my life, happy and sad. I have spent a long time thinking about this problem.

Today, I decided to stop doing youtube. If you like watching videos, you will find this is very sad news.

As for the antifans who hate me, you will feel very happy. I think that’s true, but that’s okay. Mostly, I am satisfied with my passion, making money to support myself and my family. No matter what you think of me, I don’t want to be a youtube anymore.

After 6 years of holding onto the profession, up to now there has been too much pressure. I want to send an apology for all that I have done in the past, the videos that I find no sense or no benefit to society at all. Thank you all for watching the NTN clip. ‘

Under the video’s comment section, NTN Vlogs added: ‘Bye everyone! I’m tired and it’s time to leave. Anyway, thank you for always accompanying NTN from the most difficult times to the success! Anyway, I want you to like this video to know how much you love NTN. Love you guys !’

After only 5 hours, the video has received nearly 500,000 views and nearly 17,000 comments. Many people were surprised by NTN’s sudden announcement but did not forget to leave goodbye to him: “You will always be a legend”; “Goodbye legend”; “Everyone will remember you”; “I wish you lots of health”.

Besides, there are many people who are skeptical that this is just a ‘trick’ of NTN because he had previously said to delete the channel but it turned out to be just ‘annoying’ antifan.

NTN Vlogs The most controversial YouTuber in Vietnam announced to quit the 8 million sub channel I feel like I m falling tired and it s time to leave | Internet

Owning a Youtube channel with more than 8.3 million followers, NTN – Nguyen Thanh Nam is undoubtedly one of the leading Youtube channels in Vietnam. To have these successes, talent is definitely indispensable, but for NTN, mentioning his talent is less that most netizens only remember offensive tricks, causing bad effects. Negative reaction of this Youtuber guy. Even, he was summoned by the police after organizing a clip of ‘terrorist bombing’ that caused a stir in Hanoi. After each ‘dominant game’, NTN again collected a heap of ‘bricks and stones’ from netizens.

However, it can not be denied that in the eyes of many people, especially children, NTN is being considered as a role model for not needing excellent academic achievements but still able to earn a lot of money.

In this latest Vlog, a lot of skeptics don’t know if this is the “Last Video” as Thanh Nam claims or not an antifan move. Let time validate his statement.

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