Now is not the time for Samsung to reduce prices by discarding the charger included with the Galaxy box

According to some rumors, Samsung is discussing plans to stop giving away chargers for its Galaxy models. Apple did this with the iPhone 12 and it’s very likely that Samsung will use this as an excuse to do the same thing in the future.

There are a number of good reasons why Samsung doesn’t include a charger. Of course, the biggest benefit is the environment. With millions of new smartphones shipped globally each year, each new smartphone charger contributes to a large amount of electronic waste. Therefore, this approach can reduce electronic waste when users can take advantage of the existing charger.

Another reason is the price issue. Without the included charger or earphones in the box, manufacturers can reduce the price of the product.

If you remember, Samsung removed the included headphones on the Galaxy S20 FE. Although it still comes with a built-in charger, it’s not the 25W fast charger. Instead, an old 15W charger has been used by Samsung for half a decade.

Thanks to that way, Samsung can lower the price of Galaxy S20 FE 5G version to $ 699. This is amazing for a machine with such terrible specifications.

But according to Abhijeet M, he said that this is not the right time for Samsung to remove the bundled charger or give it a slower power charger and encourage customers to buy a 25W charger.

Now is not the time for Samsung to reduce prices by discarding the charger included with the Galaxy box | Mobile

Currently, the only Samsung smartphone that comes with a 15W charger even though it supports 25W super fast charging is the Galaxy S20 FE. But perhaps this is just an exception. 25W fast charging technology does not seem to be supported on many Galaxy devices. It was introduced last year with the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy S10 5G but so far, not many Galaxy smartphones and tablets support it.

But that will change over the next few years as more Galaxy devices, including low-cost ones, will also support 25W charging. Currently, not many customers own Galaxy smartphones with 25W chargers.

Samsung has been slow to upgrade to fast charging technology for smartphones and tablets. So, Samsung may actively launch new Galaxy models that support 25W fast charging in the near future, especially if it continues to use 25W fast charging as one of the big money features on new products.

At this point, removing the included charger will be an effective way to increase sales and encourage customers to use fast charging. For now, discarding the included charger is probably not a good way.

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