Not providing mass internet for inner-city residents, this is Elon Musk’s intention with Starlink

We have a habit of holding up our phones when we lose signal. This action can bring your phone into a wave that is not blocked by low-altitude obstacles, restoring your device’s connection to the mast. However, the higher the device is, the stronger the wave will be…

There is a paradox like this: the higher you go, the weaker the waves become. Halfway up the mountain, your waves are noticeably weaker. And when you step on the plane, traveling at an altitude of thousands of kilometers above the ground, your waves disappear completely. There is a South African-American billionaire who is determined to change that.

In New Twitter post, Elon Musk claims to have been in talks with airlines about installing Starlink. Using satellites that broadcast internet from orbit, SpaceX’s Starlink can turn Earth’s atmosphere into a signal dome, bringing internet to any device on Earth. Or at least, the dream (still far away) is now.

Elon Musk did not name the airline that is collaborating with the Starlink project, but it can be said that any airline will be interested in this service. The new statement matches what Musk has said about Starlink in the past, which is to broadcast the internet to vehicles like long-distance trucks, rail trains or sailing boats.

How is the Starlink project being implemented?

Satellite internet technology is not new. Basically, SpaceX’s aerial satellite array will receive signals from broadcasting stations on Earth, and then retransmit the signal to devices on Earth. Instead of using cables, SpaceX will use space itself to transmit data.

SpaceX can improve satellite internet technology in two ways.

The satellite array flying at low altitude, only about 550 km above the ground, will improve the signal reception speed of the device, as long as the space between the user and the satellite array is not blocked by obstacles.

In addition, SpaceX plans to launch thousands of satellites into the air to improve service coverage; SpaceX plans to launch a total of 40,000 satellites into the air. As of August of this year, SpaceX has launched a total of 1,600 satellites.

Not providing mass internet for inner city residents this is Elon Musk s intention with Starlink | Internet

Starlink satellites in the night sky. Although impressive, they cause a lot of controversy.

Anticipate the limits

According to a report from financial analysts at Cowen, with a satellite array of 12,000 devices, Starlink still cannot compete with current US carriers, when it can only serve up to 485,000 customers. a time.

In addition, the more people register to use the service, the more frequent congestion will occur. Even at this time, users have also reported that network congestion has occurred occasionally.

However, the plan of SpaceX must be considered: they do not focus on serving customers living in the inner city, but want to bring internet to highland and remote areas that lack broadcasting stations as well as internet cables.

Not providing mass internet for inner city residents this is Elon Musk s intention with Starlink | Internet

Starlink satellite array before going into the air.

Elon Musk’s new Twitter post also reminds us of other highlands and deep areas, that is, the sky is high and the sea is wide.

Receiving signals from an array of low-orbit satellites, ships that sail for days, or transcontinental flights that can last up to 24 hours will have easy access to the internet. In the age of connected things and 24/7 connectivity, staying connected is important in both work and life.

It remains to be seen when SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites, how much the signal quality will improve. The price of Starlink service is also not cheap: 499 USD for a set of signal receivers, 99 USD/month for service maintenance. At a price that is not affordable, customers will expect a stable internet service.

Let’s see how Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite array will transmit signals to high-speed vehicles such as airplanes, and how stable the transmission will be.


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