Not only fans, the screenwriter The Walking Dead did not ‘swallow’ the brutal deaths of Glenn and Abraham

Although the heat has somewhat decreased compared to when it was released 10 years ago, it is undeniable that The Walking Dead is still one of the best zombie / post-apocalyptic series in the past decade. Not only does this series bring a sense of thrill and suspense about the battle between humans and the walking corpse, this series also makes the audience hold their breath in front of the mind-fight, brain-straining fight between people – people in one position. the world where one’s own survival is a top priority.

One of The Walking Dead’s “specialties” throughout the past 10 seasons is the sudden death of the characters who attract fans in the most creative ways, no one expected. This series has many times made the audience cringe when witnessing the person they love must leave regretfully.

Any character in The Walking Dead can be “cutting board” at the time when the fans most surprised.

In particular, the death of Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) is probably the more dire and haunting that until now, when repeating it, many people cannot help shiver. Scott Gimple, former writer / showrunner of The Walking Dead, who wrote the script for the two characters’ departure, is no exception. He said the deaths of Glenn and Abraham were really horrible to the point of “stinging.” The “double-kill” in the opening episode of season 7 was the toughest thing he had ever had in 5 years. stick with The Walking Dead.

Sharing with Looper, Gimple said: “Glenn’s death! That’s it! It was the toughest departure I faced when I became The Walking Dead showrunner for 5 consecutive seasons. Glenn, and Abraham too, don’t forget Abraham (because he had the same death as his partner)“.

It really hurt me to have to write the script for that episode. I think I experience emotions from the perspective of Rick, Maggie (Glenn’s wife), Sasha (Abraham’s lover), and Rosita (Abraham’s ex-girlfriend). I want to experience what they have to go through. With a scenario like that, I have to put aside real life in order to give it all. Once you get in the way, in terms of scripting, you’ll find it really hard to write it down. Then, you get to live in it yourself while recording“.

Not only fans the screenwriter The Walking Dead did not swallow the brutal deaths of Glenn and Abraham | Live

The deaths of Glenn (left) and Abraham made not only the fans, but also The Walking Dead production team regret.

As you remember, Glenn and Abraham were victims of Negan’s barbed wire baseball (Lucille). This is the punishment that he gave to the community of Rick after he and everyone dared to attack Savior’s plantation and kill many of his subordinates. After surrounded our main cast, Negan randomly chose 1 victim (Abraham) to smash his head with his stick to dissuade the rest. After that, he continued to do the same thing with Glenn in order to warn Daryl’s flamboyant action to the amazement of millions of spectators, when all thought it was over.

If the fan hurts 1 before the savage deaths of Glenn and Abraham, then Scott Gimple hurts 10 with the departure of these two core characters. Steven Yeun is one of the few actors who have been with The Walking Dead since season 1, and is also the most popular card this series owns. Michael Cudlitz is a member of the zombie family since season 4 – the first season that Gimple became a showrunner, and is also a character loved by many viewers because of his straightforward nature and extraordinary strength.

I especially feel sad because I am very close to Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz. Right from the time I wrote the script, I have felt it very clearly, and it is a very painful and uncomfortable feeling. Every death in the series is difficult. But for these two characters alone, I felt like I had to live in their situation to be able to write the script.“.

Not only fans the screenwriter The Walking Dead did not swallow the brutal deaths of Glenn and Abraham | Live

Scott Gimple was the one who wrote the script for the first episode of season 7, a time when Abraham and Glenn were brutally murdered in the grief of global audiences.

The script was sad, the opening episode for season 7 also surprised the audience with the level of violence and uncovered horror movies that The Walking Dead brings. There have been a number of viewers filed a complaint with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) because the episode was “too sad” and “very violent image”. Even Lauren Cohen, who played Glenn’s wife Maggie, had to admit her screen husband’s death was the toughest moment she has ever faced in her acting career.

In a recent interview with Fox TV UK, the actress said: “If I had to choose the most difficult, or most emotional, scene that Maggie or myself had to go through, I would choose when Glenn was murdered by Negan. No matter what level, whether it’s physically or emotionally, it was the most difficult moment I’ve ever experienced as an actor.“.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead has just ended on October 4, putting an end to the war between the survivors and The Whisperers. However, according to AMC previously announced, this season will continue with 6 extended episodes, scheduled to air in the first half of next year. Besides, season 11 will also be the last movie season of The Walking Dead after more than a decade of existence, closing an impressive era of Zombies and opening many other spin-off series in the future.

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