Not only defeated JDG, SofM also set two new world records with General Graves

In the match against JD Gaming in the quarterfinals framework Worlds 2020, SofM and their teammates had an unbelievable performance, as they only needed 4 games to defeat the defending LPL runner-up despite being the underrated team and even leading in game 1.

However, if JDG had to rely on his personal shine to break the tension that SN created in game 1, then go to game 2, Suning completely destroyed his opponent under an overwhelming scenario to easily regain balance.

SN vs JDG Highlights Game 2 Quarterfinals Worlds 2020 Playoffs Suning vs JD Gaming by Onivia

During the “LPL derby”, SofM and huanfeng were Suning’s two brightest stars, especially the Vietnamese Jungler. “Duy Cau Giay” had an exceptionally excellent second game when he was given the Graves card.

Against Kanavi – The jungler is currently considered the number 1 in the world, SofM still leads the opponent to 12 minions in the 15th minute, as a habit, and even, in this 2nd game. Suning’s star also set 2 new world records, is endorsed by the statistics site of LoL Esports – the mainstream media channel of Riot Games.

With 766 damage inflicted per minute (DMG / M), SofM also broke 2 world records:

– He became the player with the highest average damage per champion per minute in professional League of Legends history.

– And at the same time, along with that, SofM is also a Graves player who owns the highest average damage to champions per minute at Worlds 2020.

What’s even more amazing is that SofM has shown terrifying damage even though he is still considered a “farm specialist” player, and comes with this impressive damage stat as an The CS was equally stunned: 209 CS at the end of the game, 56 minions higher than Kanavi.

It can be said that if Suning’s victories over G2 Esports were not enough to convince fastidious audiences, up to this point, everyone had to admire SofM, because simply, he was Proves that you deserve to be a world-class star, in both statistics and professional performance.

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