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Not Lien Quan, this is the MOBA game that was most “stifled” when League: Express War released

League: Rapid Chien is definitely the name expected by gamers around the world, especially players in regions that already love the MOBA game series such as China, Taiwan, Southeast Asian countries. including Vietnam, Korea … These are also selected areas to experience before the Union: Express War, except Taiwan and China.

In the Southeast Asian market in general and in Vietnam in particular, there are two MOBA products that are considered the most popular. If in Vietnam, Thailand is Lien Quan Mobile or the international name is Arena of Valor, in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar and Singapore. … then the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the name with an overwhelming number of players.

Not League of Legends, this is the MOBA game that was

However, like the situation of Lien Quan in Vietnam when gamers are always “stifled” by gamers, especially since they knew that League of Legends: Speed ​​War will be released. In the countries mentioned above, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) falls into a similar situation. Even the swirling wave of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in a League of Legends group: Rapid War Asia also appeared extremely much, while Lien Quan Mobile was rarely talked about by the regional community.

Not Lien Quan, this is the MOBA game that was most

It seems that, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in countries in Southeast Asia also has many “young buffaloes”, leading to gamers in these markets feeling allergic and gloating when League: Speed ​​War is played. onions. If in Vietnam, a part of gamers were always arguing about the fate of Lien Quan Mobile when League: Speed ​​War was released, it was the same thing that had been happening in regional markets. especially Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, which have a large number of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players.

Not Lien Quan, this is the MOBA game that was most

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is constantly being “stifled”

It can be seen that “young buffalo” gamers go wherever they go, whether it’s Lien Quan Mobile in Vietnam or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in other countries. This is also the time when players see how League of Legends: Rapid War has great appeal when it comes to creating arguments that are difficult to end.

League: Speed ​​War will be released in Vietnam on December 8 if all goes well. By then, all will have an answer about the war between the two biggest MOBA games in Vietnam at the moment, Lien Quan Mobile and League: VNG’s Rapid War. Recently, VNG has also launched the home page of League: Speed ​​War at the address is Here! ” target=”_new”>> Update more latest information of League: Speed ​​War on the Fanpage of this game at Here!

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