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Not happy with the PS5 purchase, gamers have faced the first major error

Thousands of people were still scrambling for a PS5, as the console came out and quickly ran out of stock in a flash at online retailers and orders were canceled continuously. But those who are lucky enough to have them are not sure what to be happy about, as this series of gaming consoles are just dealing with some early bugs.

As reported by IGN, some PS5 owners are experiencing a download queue error causing apps and games to get stuck in the queue or error. The only known solution is a factory reset.

IGN claims that three of their employees have also encountered this problem, while on social media reports show that others are also facing the same problem. The error seems to occur when the user presses the “Download” button of a game or app from their PlayStation Store or Game Library. The message is then either displayed as “Queued for download” or failed to download. Whatever the message is, the system no longer displays it in the Download menu.

PS5 user interface.

This may sound fine, but once this error appears, the game in question will not be able to be canceled or downloaded to your PS5, no matter how you do it. The game library may show that you own that game or app, but if you check it out on the PlayStation Store, it prompts the user to buy the product again.

So far, this bug seems to only affect PS5 versions of certain games and apps.

Some of the above posts Reddit said game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are victims, as users complained that the PS5 version of the new game was queued up for download and never actually downloaded, while the PS4 version of the game was able to be downloaded and installed without problem. IGN also cites reports about the game like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered, Godfall, Demon’s Souls and Sackboy: A Big Adventure (all are PS5 exclusives or have PS5 versions) is also delayed. Even the Disney + app has a bug, which means it’s not just relevant to PS5 games.

One of the Call of Duty players contacted publisher Activision about the bug and was asked to reset it to factory settings. The situation looks positive as this may be the only solution currently. However, the problem that comes with the data saved on the cloud server, you will have to re-login and download everything.

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