Not everywhere is warming, the United States is facing a strange lizard ‘rain’ because the weather is too cold

If the cold of Hanoi only brought gentle drizzle in early spring, the cold in Florida, USA has a much more terrible consequence: Rain of iguanas! If you do not know, iguanas are a species of lizard family, living mainly in tropical areas of Central and South America. And now, they are literally “storming” in Florida when they suddenly fall from the sky.

On Tuesday, the National Weather Forecast Office in Miami issued an official warning about possible rainfall conditions when temperatures suddenly drop low this weekend. . No need to wait long, just the next morning, Twitter was flooded with posts reflecting on the situation.

“The weather is so cold that the iguanas are already paralyzed, folks! Go out and be careful they fall into your heads” – Twitter: Kahtia Hall.

Although animals do not cause much harm to humans, local authorities have constantly reminded people to be alert when walking on the street. They may accidentally step on the small iguanas on the street, or they fall directly into the head without giving up.

Another interesting fact: The iguanas are cold-blooded lizards, and when they encounter super-cold weather like in Florida today, they will be numb, unable to move. So if you accidentally see them lying dormant on the street, it’s not like they are dead or frozen. They are just resting for a while until the body or the weather gets warmer. That was also the main reason why they were living peacefully in the trees, the iguanas suddenly rushed down to the ground to create an eerie rain today.

“I was really curious as to what this little fellow was daydreaming, the sunshine in Hawaii? (There were no iguanas harmed during the filming of this video). They were just temporarily paralyzed because It’s cold “- Twitter: Daniel Cohen.

Not everywhere is warming the United States is facing a strange lizard rain because the weather is too cold | Live

“This is the most eloquent evidence for the Miami National Weather Forecast Office’s warning! This guy who has fallen down doesn’t want to go anywhere, just stay still. Misery, perhaps still. so young, so he can’t stand the Florida cold (probably dead, teacher) “- Twitter: Eric Blake.

Not everywhere is warming the United States is facing a strange lizard rain because the weather is too cold | Live

“Everyone be careful! This is the proof of the iguanas freezing and falling from the trees down here. And correcting it: It’s still alive, just a little paralyzed” – Twitter: Janny Rodriguez .

Not everywhere is warming the United States is facing a strange lizard rain because the weather is too cold | Live

Today’s super cold day welcomes me with iguanas falling from the sky. I had to bring them to the doorstep, otherwise my dog ​​bosses thought they were aiming objects “- Twitter: Whitney Leon.

In January 2018, Florida also faced the same iguanas invasion, when the state received one of the largest snowstorms in history. At that time, the local government even encouraged people to kill the iguanas before their numbers increased to an uncontrollable level. And it’s hard to understand that even though the weather in Florida is not really ideal, but the animal has always persisted here, refusing to leave. Fortunately, this situation will not last, because temperatures in Florida will rise again this weekend.

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