‘Northern Sea Giant Devil’: Can a creature the same size as a blue whale really exist?

Through myths, legends and fiction movies, people know them as Kraken, but in reality no one knows whether they really exist, and if Where do they exist, where is this creature hiding in the depths of the deep mist?

And to find the answer to this question, more than 50 scientists, after many tests and hundreds of hours of diving, they finally found certain clues at a depth of 900 meters on the ocean floor.

Kraken appeared in records from King Sverre of Norway in 1180, with the shape described as a giant squid. The thing is, in the early days of science, everything in the ocean was dangerous. Any strange creatures appear to be the subject of discussion for sailors, and it seems that the legend of the Kraken also comes from here.

During a meeting in the summer of 2012, the mystery of the creature was gradually revealed when Japanese zoologist Tsunemi Kubodera presented evidence to prove that the creature completely exists. When the submarine was diving hundreds of meters below the sea floor, suddenly a “sea monster” appeared.

The most famous of the deep sea monsters, the legendary Kraken is the subject of many folk tales, myths, and science fiction stories throughout the centuries. Often described as a sea creature resembling a giant squid, the monster is said to attack ships in the ocean, cannibalizing sailors to satisfy hunger.

All of these moments are recorded by the camera and the world can finally see what this terrestrial invertebrates look like under natural conditions. But actually, their size is not as huge as the myths describe, they don’t reach the size of a blue whale as people think. But they are also a giant creature, after all, and given an entirely new name, Architeuthis.

Since the late 19th century, there has been evidence that Kraken is not just a myth. The corpses of a giant species trapped on the beach and decomposing super-sized tentacles scattered in the fishing net all proved its existence.

 Northern Sea Giant Devil Can a creature the same size as a blue whale really exist | Live

However, no one had ever seen a Kraken alive until Tsunemi Kubodera came up with a bold idea: using sperm whales – their legendary foes as pilots.

As a large creature, the sperm whale can reach 20 meters in length and can eat hundreds of different species of squid each day. In the stomach of a sperm whale trapped on the coast of New Zealand, 16,000 squid have been found. Therefore, instead of following Kraken’s trail, it is best to track down the hunter.

In 2004, Tsunemi Kubodera organized an expedition to the North Pacific off the Ogasawara Islands, Japan, where the main feeding area for sperm whales is located. The researchers sent an automated camera into the ocean below 900 meters.

This camera is responsible for capturing everything in the surroundings every 30 seconds. Finally, a long-awaited scene finally appeared: giant tentacles appearing in the halo created by the light of the submarine. This is also the first time scientists directly recorded images of giant squid on the ocean floor.

 Northern Sea Giant Devil Can a creature the same size as a blue whale really exist | Live
 Northern Sea Giant Devil Can a creature the same size as a blue whale really exist | Live

This is a gigantic squid that is attracted by a few meters below the camera and stuck in the middle. It struggled to break the hook for almost 4 hours, and had to leave a tentacle of 5 meters long to escape the trap. People often think that cephalopods are weak and vulnerable, but they are wrong, this creature is clearly very aggressive and has tremendous resistance.

But in fact, if Tsunemi Kubodera and his team caught the giant squid and brought it to research, it would not survive.

Because once its body escapes the pressure of deep-sea water, it will not be able to retain its original shape and be of no research value. And obviously those photos don’t bring much of a value to the study.

However, Tsunemi Kubodera did not give up. In the summer of 2012, the offshore Ogasawara Islands welcomed an inspection team of about 50 scientists from 11 countries led by Tsunemi Kubodera. In addition to bringing top-notch research equipment, they are also equipped with two submarines and one from Japan by NHK TV and a specially designed Discovery Channel and brought with them HD cameras.

Soon, they were able to reap the results, a series of photographs of Kraken. But when studying its vision, the researchers discovered that its giant eyes (30 cm in diameter) grew on its head. This means that it must approach its prey from below when hunting and the prey must be at a higher water level than where it hides. After nearly a hundred dives and 400 hours of underwater activity, the team still found no more results, so Tsunemi Kubodera decided to make another final attempt .. and at this point, HD cameras Under the sea, can you really use your effects.

 Northern Sea Giant Devil Can a creature the same size as a blue whale really exist | Live

At a depth of 630 meters below the sea, the camera spotted a giant squid swimming. Its slender body is about 3 meters long. It’s unknown what happened but the two Kraken’s tentacles have disappeared, and it has only eight tentacles left. Relying on the two triangular fins on the back of its body, it was struggling to keep its giant body steady. In search of food, the creature must constantly inflate its body by transporting water into its gills, while continuously pushing water out to create thrust to the body, but due to the loss of two contact so he couldn’t hunt normally, so when he fell to a depth of 900 meters, he abandoned his prey and disappeared in the darkness of the deep sea.

 Northern Sea Giant Devil Can a creature the same size as a blue whale really exist | Live

“At that time, only me, a photographer and a control technician were in the submarine, and darkness enveloped us. Five meters away from the submarine, a giant tentacle began to attack. “But we couldn’t see anything! So we turned on the search light, and the giant squid appeared in front of us like this. That’s amazing!”, Tsunemi Kubodera said. .

Despite having studied cephalopathy for 40 years, Tsunemi Kubodera is still extremely shocked. He noticed that two long tentacles above the head of this creature were reborn! In addition, the pigment reflected on the skin of this creature is also very special

However, despite being discovered by Tsunemi Kubodera, Kraken still has many mysteries that we still haven’t discovered until now.

For example, do one or more giant squid species exist? The actual number of species is still unknown. But so far, humanity has discovered three of the most common: Ar-chiteuthis dux, Architeuthis martensi and Architeuthis Sanctuarytipauli.

 Northern Sea Giant Devil Can a creature the same size as a blue whale really exist | Live

In addition, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding this creature: what is its main food? How does it give birth to a female? Is it a solitary creature or a social animal? How big can it reach in size? How long does it usually live? None of these questions have been answered or are nearly unanswered.

 Northern Sea Giant Devil Can a creature the same size as a blue whale really exist | Live

It has been speculated that the Kraken is rare because it has not been found for a long time. But this is not necessarily accurate. because unlike other large marine animals, such as the whales, dolphins and giant octopus in the North Pacific, their numbers are known and monitored, but the global number of giant squid has yet to be I know exactly so I can’t say anything yet.

Further access to this creature is difficult because they are easily frightened and flee, while whales and octopus are relatively accessible. So many scientists still have questions about this creature today.

 Northern Sea Giant Devil Can a creature the same size as a blue whale really exist | Live

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