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Nokia launches low-cost Smart TV series

Nokia has recently launched a new series of Smart TVs spanning different segments. Nokia’s new line of Smart TVs (essentially Streamview, however under branding by Nokia) includes the main products: 43 inch 4300A, 55 inch 5500A and 75 inch 7500A.

All 3 Smart TV models are equipped with LCD display panels, HDR10 support and 4K resolution, the refresh rate stops at basic 60Hz. This screen integrates micro dimming LED technology and has a response frequency of 9.5ms. The design of the Nokia Smart TV lineup is relatively minimalistic with a screen with a fairly thin bezel and a simple yet sturdy stand.

The product runs on Android 9 platform and has built-in Google services, including remote control integrated with Google Assistant virtual assistant.

Nokia launches low cost Smart TV series | Digital toys

In addition, Nokia also launched a 32 inch TV model code-named 3200A, Full HDm resolution but still supports HDR and Google services integration.

Besides the new Smart TV line, Nokia also launched an Android TV Box called Streaming Box 8000, which runs Android 10 and is capable of outputting 4K content. The product comes pre-installed with Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Netflix and YouTube.

Nokia launches low cost Smart TV series | Digital toys

Regarding the selling price, the current Nokia Android TV series has not been officially announced, but according to some sources, the price that users have to spend to own these devices is relatively cheap compared to the part. large Smart TV model in the market. As for the Streaming Box 8000, the expected price of this product is 99 EUR, equivalent to about 2.7 million VND.

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