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No parents are required, the young man pretended to be imported by his grandfather to buy SH nearly 100 million

Many young people, although still dependent on their families, still love to race and dress up with friends. Of course, not all fathers and mothers are willing to meet the excessive conditions of their children. So there are many “cat games” that young people show up just to ask. Recently, netizens got bored of reading a share on a community group. The content of the post is about a “little brother” just because he likes expensive motorbikes marry a dead person to make a joke.

The post is about a “younger brother”.

Post content:

“My younger brother, who has just been invested by the family to invest in SH, wants to buy a car from the end of the year until his family approves it until this year. So the family didn’t intend to buy it last night, and didn’t know what the gospel of the family was like last night, when his grandfather just early in the evening had joined his nephew to work hard.

At the same time, the grandfather just started his parents near the house to buy SH for his grandfather so that he would not … lose face with friends below. His parents were too scared, promised and promised to his grandfather that he would buy SH for his father, he was assured to think. But I thought his parents said that, whoever thought that this morning, his parents would buy him a SH with nearly hundred million silver. Afterwards, my brother whispered to me that he had to practice for almost 2 months to become like a real one. Quite honestly. “

No parents are required the young man pretended to be imported by his grandfather to buy SH nearly 100 million | Game Online

Many of the community comments below have expressed outrage for this behavior of young teenagers:

– “Wide shoulder length, why pretend to make money from family members?”

– “This guy probably needs to take an exam to go to the acting school or lose his talent.”

– “Just afraid to buy a car but do not know how to make money, the car will soon” go away “, young people have a lot of playtime.

– “Admittedly, this is a play that someone dares to do is a badass.”

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