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Ninja Gaiden and the most difficult games, only less than 10% of players can clear the island

Some games have an appeal from start to finish, but there are also many video games that most players can never complete completely. Here are the video game like that, whether for one reason or another, they are not conquered by many gamers, if you do not believe, you try to play.


Takashi no Chousenjou, also known as Takeshi’s Challenge, is a NES game that used to be popular throughout Japan, partly because this is the first video game to mark the appearance of a celebrity, an actor and director. Acting Takeshi Kitano.

Sadly, his presence could not turn this game away from being rated as one of the worst games of all time. Gamers have given Takeshi Challenge a lot of criticism, almost no one can complete it because the gameplay seems to have not been tested and filled with technical errors. Even this video game has a task to use the controller’s microphone to sing a Karaoke song.


Ninja Gaiden and the most difficult games only less than 10 of players can clear the island | Game Online

Released in 2010, Super Meat Boy reminds gamers of the crazy times of youth. Almost every gamer, if you’ve played Super Meat Boy has the same comment, that this is a crazy crazy hard game. There are tons of videos on YouTube that show how hard it is for those who play this video game, even though they’ve played it time and time again. To prove the difficulty of Super Meat Boy, we can look at Steam’s global game statistics for PC version, which shows that only 2% of players have completed 100% of this game. Maybe they should rename this game to “Super Incomplete Boy”.


Ninja Gaiden and the most difficult games only less than 10 of players can clear the island | Game Online

Konami’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles deserves a special place on this list, due to the fact that it has caused countless gamers to scratch their heads thinking about how to clear it. It was hard, but video games were very popular at the time, and when we look back at games like this, we can recall a time full of memories when games were always challenging. , to the extent that it is possible to extinguish the hopes of the player.

Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden and the most difficult games only less than 10 of players can clear the island | Game Online

Ninja Gaiden has the potential to bring a lot of revenue to Nintendo, because there will be many gamers who have to buy new controllers after throwing them at the wall while playing this game. Nearly all the games in the Ninja Gaiden series are famous for the difficulty, including the NES trio and versions for the Xbox and Playstation that will be published later. However, the first version released on NES was arguably the hardest to play.

Players control a ninja named Ryu Hayabusa and do missions to fight the demons. Like the video games of the time, when Ryu was hit, he would fall several beats in a bouncy fashion, and this could cause him to fall off the cliff. Also almost everything in this game is against Ryu, rival ninjas, soldiers, dogs and even hawks want Ryu to die. The number of enemies is immense, not to mention the boss battle, he can revive 3 times, which makes many people think that becoming a ninja in real life is probably easier than in Ninja Gaiden.


Ninja Gaiden and the most difficult games only less than 10 of players can clear the island | Game Online

Spelunky is loved by many people, even those who do not often play the game find it very attractive, and fans of this game even make many revisions to their liking. The HD remaster has won several Game of the Year awards. Spelunky’s tiny protagonist, also known as Spelunky, became as close as a modern gaming symbol, and has appeared on toy shelves, T-shirts and even in a few other video games. .

According to Steam, only about 7% of people have defeated Spelunky, and if you remove the shortcut users, that figure is less than 6%. Why is this game so hard, maybe because there are no identical maps, which means that remembering maps can’t help you at all in this game, not to mention the monsters and ghosts of Spelunky is also nearly invincible and always hunts you down, and players often have to trade their knowledge of monsters with death. The difficulty of Spenluky makes 93% of players never reach the final table, so try to play to see why it’s so hard.

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