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Nikkei: With the closure of the TV factory in Tianjin, Samsung will move part of its production to Vietnam

Specifically, Nikkei reported that Samsung Electronics would close the only Chinese TV factory in Tianjin by the end of November, Samsung said on September 8.

Samsung, the world’s leading flat-screen TV manufacturer and distributor, is losing market share in China due to competition from local companies and boycotts decided by the Seoul Government to deploy the shield. the missile was developed by the US in 2016 in response to Beijing’s protests. Labor costs are also rising in China.

The Tianjin factory, which opened in 1993, still employs about 300 people after several downsizing. Samsung plans to reassign these workers to other facilities or help them find new jobs.

Production from this factory will shift to Vietnam, Mexico, Hungary, Egypt and elsewhere. The move makes Samsung’s global manufacturing operations more efficient, the company said.

Samsung also shut down its smartphone manufacturing plants in Tianjin and Huizhou, southern China before the end of 2019. The company also said in June that it would stop a machine manufacturing plant. calculated in Suzhou. Samsung still operates an equipment factory in Suzhou and two chip factories in Xi’an.

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