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Nickname / Nicknames of countries around the world

As you know, each country, each country will have its own culture and characteristics.

This has created a more colorful and interesting society, not only that, most countries now have a nickname.

Usually, the nickname of a country is often associated with the culture, specialties or shape of that country. And in this article, we will take a look at the nicknames of some famous countries:

I. Nicknames of the countries of the world

#first. S-shaped country (Vietnam)

The reason is because our country’s territory has a landmass shaped like the letter S.

#2. The Land of Thousand Islands (Indonesia)

The reason for this nickname is because the territory of Indonesia has thousands of large and small islands (specifically 13,487 islands), forming an archipelago.

#3. Land of a million elephants/Land of thousands of elephants (Laos)

The reason is because, this used to be home to many elephants. But that was before, now the number of elephants in this country is also very small.

#4. The Land of the Rising Sun / The Land of Cherry Blossoms (Japan – Japan)

The reason is that Japan is located in the east (eastmost) of Asia, so it will receive the first sun of the continent.

Also nicknamed The Land of Cherry Blossoms is because this place grows a lot of these trees. To the Japanese, the English flower symbolizes beauty, fragility, and purity.

In addition, Japan has another nickname “The land of mourning” (whereby, the funeral is a hollow mulberry tree appearing in a Japanese legend)

#5. The land of Kimchi (Korea – South Korea)

Reason: Kimchi is a traditional dish, a typical dish of Korea.

#6. Land of the Golden Temple (Thailand – Thailand)

The reason is because this country has a very strongly developed Buddhism, many different large and small temples across the country.

But the difference compared to other countries is that the temple in Thailand takes the main color yellow, is designed very splendidly and lavishly like castles.

#7. Land of the Sky (Mongolia)

The reason is because 2/3 of the year in this country is sunny. The climate here is extremely harsh, the summer is hot and the winter is minus ten degrees Celsius.

#8. Uncle Sam / The Land of Flags (USA – USA – United Stantes)

The reason stems from Samuel Wilson, a canner of a contractor supplying the US military during the war.

The meat boxes have the mark


and factory workers jokingly called US short for

Uncle Sam

#9. Chili-shaped country / Land of poets (Chile)

The reason is because the shape of the territory of this country resembles the shape of a chili.

And it is because this country has so highly appreciated poetry (twice won the Nobel Prize for literature) that this country is also nicknamed the Land of Poets.

#ten. Land of Aries (Russia – Russia)

The reason is because the birch tree is most popular in Russia. It is associated with the Slavic goddesses Lada and Lelya, representing energy, fertility and purity.

#11. The Land of Roses (Bulgaria)

Although not the homeland of roses, but Bulgaria has famous rose valleys, roses have bloomed all over Bulgaria. Up to 80% of the world’s rose oil is produced here.

#twelfth. The land of kangaroos (Australia – Australia)

Yes, so familiar, a country with a lot of kangaroos (Kangaroo).

#13. The Heart of South America (Paraguay)

The reason is because this country has the central location of South America.

#14. Boot-shaped country (Italy/Italy)

The reason for this nickname is that the shape of this country’s territory is shaped like a boot. A country in Southern Europe!

#15. Graveyard of Empires (Afghanistan)

This nickname is rooted in the nation’s history


all the most powerful countries in the world (UK, USA, Soviet Union ..) had to withdraw after a period of war broke out.

Maybe this nickname should have Vietnam in it too 🙂

#16. Land of Thunder Dragons (Bhutan)

The dragon is the national symbol of this country, people here believe that the storms coming from the Himalayas are created by the Thunder Dragon.

#17. Lion Island (Singapore)

A country with an image associated with a lion. The reason is because the image of the lion has been associated with this country, associated with historical stories … but in fact, it is unlikely that this place has a lion.

#18. The Land of Samba (Brazil)

A country famous for its hot, beautiful dancers, “lack of clothes” and brown skin…

#19. Hexagon-shaped country (France/France)

This nickname comes from the shape of the mainland part of France, which is very similar to a hexagon. A country in Western Europe!

#20. Emerald (Ireland)

The nickname of the Republic of Ireland is the emerald perhaps because the vegetation here is extremely rich (due to heavy rain and adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean).

#21. Land of Fire and Ice (Iceland)

Land of Fire and Ice or Land of Ice. This nickname comes from the fact that the country has many volcanoes, rivers and glaciers. Because Iceland is located on the volcanic belt of the Atlantic Ocean, there are quite a few hot springs, volcanoes…

#22. Land of a Thousand Lakes (Finland/Finland)

True to its nickname, Finland has about 188,000 lakes. A country known as the happiest in the world!

#23. The Land of the Midnight Sun (Norway)

It is one of the few countries where the sun “never sets” in the summer months. The reason is because most of the country’s territory is located north of the arctic circle.

This is a very special country, in the summer months (May to July) the sun never sets below the horizon so you can always see the sun.

But in the winter months, on the contrary, the sun does not rise completely on the horizon, so some parts of the country will not see sunlight, even no day at all.

#24. European bread basket (Ukraine)

This is a fertile land, every year they export a lot of wheat, food to Europe, maybe that’s why they got such a nickname.

#25. Kingdom of Chocolate (Belgium/Belgium)

The nickname says it all, this country is among the top chocolate producing countries in the world.

#26. Gift of the Nile (Egypt)

The Nile river flowing through Egypt is considered a gift of nature, it has great significance for this country.

Without this river, Egypt is like a desert, the people here mainly gather along the nile river and create a brilliant civilization.

#27. 8th Continent (Madagascar)

It is an island country located off the southeastern coast of Africa (Indian Ocean).

The highlight of Madagascar compared to the rest of the world is that the animals and plants here are very special, 80% of the plants here are unique, you will not find anywhere in the world.

The world has 7 continents (Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Australia and Antarctica). It is indeed a favor that this country is nicknamed the 8th Continent.

#28. The Land of the Rainbow (South Africa/South Africa)

Due to the diversity of ethnicity, ethnicity and culture here.

You may not know, South Africa is a country with 3 capitals, the largest diamond mines in the world…

#29. Kingdom in the Sky (Lesotho)

The reason is because the entire territory of this country is 1000m above sea level (a country in South Africa).

II. Epilogue

Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Each country has different nicknames, but I cannot list them all in this article.

So, in addition to the

nicknames of countries around the world

that I just mentioned above, you can list more below the comment section for everyone to refer to and also a more complete article >.<

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