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Nhat Cuong and smuggling “tricks” of the amount of 3,000 billion

Investigation Police Agency (CQĐT) The Ministry of Public Security has completed conclusions, proposing to prosecute 15 suspects in the case of “Smuggling”, “Money laundering”, “Violation of accounting regulations causes serious consequences. important “occurred at Nhat Cuong Co., Ltd., Customs Branch at Noi Bai Airport Border Gate and a number of related units.

According to the conclusion, Nhat Cuong Company was established in 2001 and by 2019 has a charter capital of 38 billion VND, by Bui Quang Huy as General Director, legal representative. Nhat Cuong has a business in buying and selling mobile phones and electronic equipment.

Nhat Cuong has 4 business forms including importing and selling goods with VAT invoices; importing goods in the country without invoices or origin for sale; import legal goods and import illegal.

CQĐT has determined that from 2014 to 2019, Bui Quang Huy used Nhat Cuong’s human resources system to buy 255,311 mobile phones, music players, tablets, watches … with a total value of 2,927 billion VND. .

These goods are imported from 16 shippers having addresses in the United States, UAE, Singapore, and Hong Kong but not through official channels. Instead, Bui Quang Huy hired illegally shipped goods to Vietnam at a cost of more than 72.9 billion VND.

Specifically, the transport was assigned by Bui Quang Huy to Nhat Cuong Quang Chau Company (in China) in charge. Telephones and electronic goods were transferred from Hong Kong to Guangzhou and from there gathered at the Vietnam-China border for illegal entry.

Specific routes of contraband include Hong Kong – Dong Hung – Mong Cai – Hanoi or Hong Kong – Bang Tuong – Lang Son – Hanoi. In addition, there were contraband goods worth 307 billion VND were transferred directly from Hong Kong to Hai Phong port before being delivered to Bui Quang Huy in Hanoi.

Nhat Cuong and smuggling tricks of the amount of 3 000 billion | Information ICT

Some of the accused in the case

In particular, Bui Quang Huy also hired 3 lines to transport contraband goods by air through Noi Bai airport. These lines helped Nhat Cuong illegally import more than 57,000 products with a total value of more than 860 billion VND.

All of these contraband goods are tracked on the ERP internal management system, denoted as “non-VAT imported goods”. On receiving the goods, Bui Quang Huy will pay the suppliers into their accounts or in cash through the payment intermediaries of the gold shops in Ha Trung, Hang Dau (all in Hanoi).

These goods are transferred to Nhat Cuong’s system for retail to the market. The investigation side determined that Nhat Cuong Company has sold 254,364 products, collected more than 3,213 billion VND and through here, the defendants have an illegal benefit of 221 billion VND. Until the prosecution, 947 products worth more than 7.7 billion have not been sold.

Also in the period of 2014 – 2019, Bui Quang Huy instructed his staff to set up 2 accounting book systems in which an internal, secret system to track actual data. Another system records financial statements and accounting books to report to State management agencies.

These two systems have differences in data and according to the assessment results, Nhat Cuong has evaded over 26.8 billion VND of value added tax and more than 3.1 billion VND of corporate income tax. Therefore, the chief accountant Nhat Cuong was proposed to prosecute “Violation of accounting regulations causes serious consequences”.

Bui Quang Huy also committed “Money Laundering”, but due to the defendant’s escape, the investigating agency split the file to handle it later. The investigation side also separated the criminal case “Violation of the bidding regulations causing serious consequences” occurred at the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment for later handling.

The police also asked the United States, the UAE, China, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore to coordinate to clarify 11 suppliers of goods to Nhat Cuong, but there was no result. The investigation confirmed that when Bui Quang Huy was arrested and there was a result of mutual legal assistance, it would clarify this.

Among the 15 accused, Nguyen Thi Bich Hang – Chief Accountant Nhat Cuong and Nguyen Ngoc Bao – Finance Director Nhat Cuong were proposed to prosecute for “Violation of accounting regulations causes serious consequences”.

Nguyen Bao Ngoc and the remaining 13 people were proposed to further prosecute “smuggling” including Tran Ngoc Anh – Deputy General Director of Nhat Cuong; Do Quoc Huy – Nhat Cuong Sales Director; Nong Van Lu – Nhat Cuong employee; Nguyen Bao Trung – freelance worker; Tran Tat Khoa – Director of Nhat Cuong Quang Chau Company; Le Hoai Phuong – employee Nhat Cuong Quang Chau; Ngo Duc Tung – freelance worker; Ngo Tuan Suu – Director of Thanh Son Infrastructure Development Investment Joint Stock Company; Hoang Van Phong – Head of Apple Nhat Cuong product line; Mai Tien Dung – leader of the old telephone industry Nhat Cuong; Pham Van Hiep – freelance worker; Bui Quoc Viet – Nhat Cuong employee; Do Van Dung – freelance worker.

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