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Ngu Kiem Mobile officially opened Alpha Test in Vietnam

As scheduled by NPH CMN Online, yesterday morning at 9:19 am on June 9, the mobile game role-playing swordplay Ngu Kiem Mobile opened Alpha Test to welcome everyone to play. Interested gamers can easily download the game via AppStore, Google Play app market system or refer to the homepage:

Ngu Kiem Mobile starts the trial version from 9h19 on June 9

All you need is packed in your fingertips, with just a few clicks, you have to go immediately to the enchanting martial arts world of Ngu Kiem Mobile – the marvelous martial arts mobile game masterpiece, with the investment and elaborate elaborate from NPH CMN Online.

Join Ngu Kiem Mobile, Vietnamese gaming community will once again be wandering in the Wanderer and writing unique martial arts legends. In the current version, there are up to 8 sects for players to explore and experience, including: Cam Y Ve, Huyen Nu, Vo Dang, Minh Giao, Than Co Doanh, Tieu Dao, Thien Vuong and Duong Mon. Not only possessing eye-catching shapes, the character classes in Ngu Kiem Mobile are also equipped with unique skill sets with specific characteristics.

At the beginning of the game, Ngu Kiem Mobile was running smoothly even though it was just an experiment. Despite having an extremely high-quality graphics platform and a large capacity installer, as well as receiving a large number of players on the first server launched today, the login is easy, the server system runs. Stabilization does not occur lag phenomenon

Ngu Kiem Mobile officially opened Alpha Test in Vietnam | Mobile & Social

The large number of players on the first day of the opening.

Besides the rich content along with 8 customizable character classes, one of the things that players enjoy more is the diverse 500 Boss system. In addition to the fixed boss appearances, Ngu Kiem Mobile also has bosses operating with high AI so that players can “return to health” at any time if they do not focus on avoiding.

In addition, Ngu Kiem Mobile also possesses special features that can be mentioned such as the mechanism of receiving Boss rewards, appearing drop rate when train on Picnic map and Training Area. Players also rely heavily on the trading and auction feature of this game, besides attractive PK activities such as inter-server battlefields, boss bangs, arenas or battlefields …

Ngu Kiem Mobile officially opened Alpha Test in Vietnam | Mobile & Social

A series of interesting content waiting for players to discover.

Another point worth noting, Ngu Kiem Mobile has an open PK mechanism, players can drop items if they are defeated in red status. This will be an increase factor in the dramatic gameplay.

With the accents that make up the unique appeal of Ngu Kiem Mobile, it is not surprising that most players are excited, anxious to wait for the time the server opens to be able to explore. . It has been a long time, followers of the new swordplay series have the opportunity to reunite to wait for a game that, according to them, is a suitable dock. Not only can experience the exciting content, but also have the opportunity to interact, meet after school and work stress.

Ngu Kiem Mobile officially opened Alpha Test in Vietnam | Mobile & Social

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