Ngoc Trinh in the hands of Galaxy Z Flip on the sale day in Vietnam

Ngoc Trinh chose the luxurious Galaxy Z Flip purple version.

True to her glamorous style, Ngoc Trinh appeared at Mobile Vietnam with a bright, friendly smile, giving off an irresistible appeal when she “bought” Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Galaxy Z Flip deserves a brand name that is cherished by Ngoc Trinh

The actress “Waist 56”, said she personally liked the compact design of Z Flip when it is only the size of a makeup box, suitable for beautiful people to carry when traveling, events.

Ngoc Trinh in the hands of Galaxy Z Flip on the sale day in Vietnam | Mobile

In Ngoc Trinh’s hands, Samsung Z Flip adds to the class.

Claim yourself not knowledgeable about technology, just buy the phone from time to time Samsung Galaxy Z FlipFor the first time, Ngoc Trinh is excited to own, curious to experience by strange, luxurious and unique designs.

There will be many photos and videos of “waist 56” by Galaxy Z Flip

Ngoc Trinh is not only famous for her perfect waist, unbearably beautiful looks and box-breaking videos, she is also becoming a youtuber, vlogger millions of followers with shares about beauty, everyday life moments. .

Ngoc Trinh in the hands of Galaxy Z Flip on the sale day in Vietnam | Mobile

Beautiful people feel very satisfied with the camera cluster on the Galaxy Z Flip.

Therefore, with the dual 12MP camera on the back, the Single Take feature (it offers multiple photos, videos with different effects with just one click), and the front camera with Flex Mode (foldable 90 degree) to take a selfie easily without a tripod, promising to have more interesting photos and videos about the daily life of Ngoc Trinh beauty.

Not only does it match with Ngoc Trinh in appearance and unique design, Galaxy Z Flip also makes “underwear queen” satisfied with the smoothness in daily experiences. The device runs Snapdragon 855+ chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB internal memory, 3,300 mAh battery with fast charging and wireless reverse promises to maintain stability when operating in the next few years.

Ngoc Trinh in the hands of Galaxy Z Flip on the sale day in Vietnam | Mobile

Ngoc Trinh chose Vietnamese Mobile to shop for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and felt very satisfied.

Ngoc Trinh also shared that, even though she is quite a fastidious person, Z Flip and Mobile Viet make her feel really satisfied, professional, quality, prestigious and dedicated to the care of the system for her. Impressive and will definitely have a next purchase at Mobile Vietnam.

Ngoc Trinh in the hands of Galaxy Z Flip on the sale day in Vietnam | Mobile

Galaxy Z Flip will be a high-class accessory in Ngoc Trinh’s collection

Galaxy Z Flip is priced at VND 36,000,000. As noted, Mobile Vietnam system is officially opening to sell products with valuable incentives, including:

• Voucher tourism 5,000,000

• 0% installment payment. Business lounge

• Support replacing the screen for the first time at a discounted price. On-site technical support, priority 24/7

Mobile Vietnam is proud to be a prestigious address that brings the method of Trade – In the old collection of innovation to save life, nearly 100 Vietnamese stars and hundreds of thousands of customers choose.

With Galaxy Z Flip, when participating in Trade – In, users save up to 10 million, and in parallel with all the available incentives.

In addition to Ngoc Trinh, musician Duong Khac Linh, Singer Phi Nhung, singer Cam Ly, singer Dan Truong, singer Thu Minh, singer Ngo Kien Huy, Miss Tieu Vy, Miss Do My Linh, Shark Pham Thanh Hung … and many Vietnamese stars and customers have appreciated the product, service as well as the Trade – In program at Mobile Vietnam.

Mobile Vietnam is a phone retailer over 10 years old, has 15 stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. With the advantage of after-sales policy and product quality, Mobile Vietnam is the choice of customers who want to own quality phones. Read more at or call 1800.6018 (free)

Mobile Institute is a member of Vietnam Mobile specializes in the field of repairing – replacing components for mobile phones with nearly 6 years of market presence with the system of 8 branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Please refer to the website or call the call center 1900 2057.

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