New research: Penguins’ poop make funny gas, breathing air in the area is enough to ‘cramp up’

Who would have thought penguin droppings could make us laugh? Follow new research published in Science Direct, the researchers found that from the piles of excrement of the large Antarctic penguin (king penguin, scientific name Aptenodytes patagonicus), blocks of nitrous oxide gas, or gas amusing, soaring in the air.

Bo Elberling, head of the research and lead author of the report, wrote: “After about an hour of breathing the air here, a researcher laughed out of control. The situation is really tight”.

Large Antarctic penguins.

According to ArsTechnica, Elberling, a professor from the University of Copenhagen, and his colleagues tracked penguin activity on the South Antarctic island of South Georgia, to understand the effects of greenhouse gases, including nitrous oxide. . The island is home to the largest population of Antarctic penguins in the world; The researchers estimate there are 150,000 pairs of penguins here.

In the largest population of penguins, nitrous oxide is 120 times higher than normal (on the same island). In the research report, Professor Elberling wrote that the amount of amusing gas was about a hundred times higher than the newly fertilized Danish field.

Must be corrected: not penguin droppings immediately emit amusing gas. When the stool is filled with nitrogen-rich compounds (obtained by a diet rich in fish and penguin mollusks) that touch the ground, bacteria in the soil convert nitrogen into nitrogen oxide, enriching the air with substances that make people laugh. .

And you do not have to worry, the amount of nitrogen oxide emitted does not affect the Earth. According to Professor Elberling: “Our findings provide more information on how a penguin influences its environment, a very interesting point because penguins are appearing increasingly crowded.”.

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