Never buy old Airpods – Here’s why

The AirPods are one of the most impressive new products that Apple has made in the past 5 years. It not only started a new product portfolio for the company itself, but it was also a new category for the entire tech industry. It has also changed the way people listen to music and interact in public.

Lots of follow-ups, imitations or competition have been created but the AirPods sales have proven that in this segment, nothing can beat it. Increasingly, you can find them everywhere and people can’t seem to wait to buy themselves one.

But…. No matter what, you shouldn’t buy used AirPods!

Here are 3 reasons.

1. The AirPods are very dirty

Not everyone takes care of their headphones as carefully as you do!

In fact, it’s not just the AirPods, but also any in-ear headphones. They are like micro vacuum cleaners tucked inside the ear holes. You can immediately notice this if you look inside your headphones to find out how dirty it is.

When most users complain that “they can’t hear anything” from their headphones, that’s when the entire inner mesh is covered with earwax. Many people also have a habit of keeping the AirPods in their mouth every day. Not to mention the models of AirPods headphones are often quickly “down color” due to only white color. Therefore, it is also very easy to scratch, even turn to “porridge heart” color. Not everyone treats everything the same way you do.

Not too much when sharing headphones like sharing cotton swabs with others. It doesn’t matter what you wipe it with a handkerchief, wet washcloth or toilet water. Stop and ask yourself: Is it okay to do that?

Watch the video below to see how dirty the headphones can be and how people exchange bacteria through it.

[Video] Sharing a headset with others can cause you to catch any illness

2. The battery quality deteriorated

The battery on the AirPods is very small. Each individual headset has a battery which provides the power for the whole headset. When brand new, they can be played for hours before needing a quick break in the charging case.

And like most Li-Ion batteries, their useful capacity gets slightly smaller each time they are used (and also when subjected to extreme temperatures). So if someone was using the AirPods for many hours a day and they are supposed to be close to 2 or 3 years old, the time left to experience the reality is not much left. That is not to mention the bumps and falls (that almost everyone encounters) also makes the battery quality unstable.

Never buy old Airpods Here s why | Tips

Remember, the AirPods cannot replace the battery.

And remember that until now, Apple has not allowed users to check the real status of the battery, nor is the AirPods a product designed to “not replace the battery”. It wouldn’t be fun to buy back a headset just to use it for up to 30 minutes at a time and you could just helplessly watch it degrade even further.

This is very important and you should think about it more than just imagining it being stuffed inside someone else’s ear.

3. Price

Never buy old Airpods Here s why | Tips

Both low and high priced old AirPods have “problems”!

AirPods are very expensive, everyone doesn’t like spending $ 200-250 on buying new headphones that can drop them at any time. But the more annoying thing is that even though buying old, the AirPods headphones are still subject to the “slow discount” trend of other Apple products, still very expensive.

And that is the problem. So when you see used AirPods that are only $ 20 cheaper with new prices, buy new for warranty. If someone is selling them for less than half the old price, be careful and check everything carefully before handing them cash. Because it’s like a gamble and you’re not the dealer.

And, if you regret spending hundreds of dollars on a new headset, there are plenty of other, cheaper options. Take the time to research and find the best ones for your usage needs and price range.

But for your own good, don’t buy used AirPods.

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