Netflix releases trailer for The Witcher anime series, revealing the deadly mutation process to create a monster hunter

The Witcher universe is about to return after a long time of silence due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The opening name will be the anime project Nightmare of the Wolves, which will air on August 23 and revolves around the story of Vesemir’s vibrant youth – Geralt’s master. Recently, Netflix has released the next trailer for this movie, revealing a lot of important details in the world of monster hunters. And since this is a spin-off work, a creative product on the sidelines of the original novel, it will surely bring many surprises to even the most hardened fans.

[Vietsub] Trailer The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf will take viewers to follow Vesemir hunting monsters on the Continent hundreds of years ago.

Nightmare of the Wolf has a very important role in adding more knowledge about the witcher world to the audience, especially those who are new to this franchise. As in the trailer above, we will get a “look” at the Trial of the Grasses – the mutation process that helps an ordinary person strengthen himself to become a witcher. This process has been mentioned many times in the book and game versions, especially dangerous with a maximum survival rate of 4/10, that is, for every 10 children participating, only about 4 of them pass. through.

Herbal challenges usually last for 7 days. Those who can’t make it through will die on the 3rd day. Meanwhile, the survivor will continue to suffer a lot of physical pain with symptoms such as lightheadedness, lifeless eyes, shortness of breath, cold sweats, skin becomes wet and foul, nose bleeds, vomiting. These symptoms will gradually change over the following days, until completion by day 7, and the surviving child will have sharp snake-like eyes.

The herbal challenge will help young witchers gain faster reflexes than normal people and especially the ability to see in the dark. Geralt is a special case as he has endured this challenge brilliantly, and continues to experiment with many other poisonous herbs to “unlock” his potential. That’s why he has such white hair. In the trailer above, it can be seen that Vesemir is not too afraid of the Herbal Challenge, even somewhat excited when he can become stronger.

Nightmare of the Wolf will deal with the process of creating a witcher, including the Herbal Trials, famous for its dangerous, deadly cruelty.

The trailer also shows that Vesemir has encountered Filavandrel – a character who appeared in episode 2 of The Witcher season 1. Filavandrel aén Fidháil is a proud warrior of the elves (elf) who always burns his heart. intends to take revenge on humanity for appearing and invading the Continent. After the Aedirn army captured Dol Blathanna, Filavandrel was forced to hide in the Blue Mountains, becoming the leader of the Free Elves, seeking to steal food and agricultural knowledge from humans to continue living.

The dialogue between Filavandrel and Vesemir in the trailer also highlights an important principle of witchers: Hunt monsters for money, and avoid political conflicts, whether between humans or between humans and elves.

Netflix releases trailer for The Witcher anime series revealing the deadly mutation process to create a monster hunter | Living

Filavandrel will also appear in this anime.

The trailer continues with an important mission for Vesemir, and perhaps the central event of this film. It is to track down the monster that has killed many people in a forest on the outskirts of Ard Carraigh, the capital of the Kaedwen Kingdom in the North. This was also when Vesemir became acquainted with Tetra Gilcrest, a powerful sorceress and descendant of one of the first witches of the Continent. She shouldered the responsibility of protecting the peace of this land and avoiding the abuse of magic by crooks.

However, like The Witcher’s main storyline, Vesemir is quickly caught up in a malicious political conspiracy, most likely a conflict between humans and elves. We can see in the trailer above, Filavandrel was extremely angry with Vesemir when he suggested that the young witcher not only hunts monsters, but also dares to do anything for money, including killing elves. . In the final scene, Vesemir even gathered his witcher brothers to fight against an army of humans. Meanwhile, another force is also conspiring to unleash violent monsters to prevent the expansion of human power.

Netflix releases trailer for The Witcher anime series revealing the deadly mutation process to create a monster hunter | Living

The life of Vesemir, and witchers in general, will always be interrupted by political conflicts, not simply a monster “farm” receiving money as many people mistakenly believe.

Since Nightmare of the Wolf is purely a Netflix creation, based on characters and locations available in the witcher world, the plot details will only be revealed when this movie airs on the 23rd. 8 come here.

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