Netflix is ​​about to launch the Resident Evil series, still revolving around the legendary T-virus but with a whole new storyline

Resident Evil is a legendary Japanese horror game series, launched in 1996 and is still a name that has a terrible attraction to many gamers around the world. The huge success built over the past two decades has made it possible for the game to continue to survive in the competitive and fierce world of gaming, with the latest project being the Resident Evil 3 Remake released this month. Last 4. That is not to mention the spin-off products such as comics, novels, cartoons and super cool toy models.

Recently, Netflix has officially confirmed that they will be producing the Resident Evil series with a completely new story, with the direction of showrunner / screenwriter Andrew Dabb and director / producer Bronwen Hughes. Before that, Andrew had experience working with the TV series Supernatural, while Bronwen is a familiar name of The Walking Dead. So this duo is no stranger to the horror fantasy genre, featuring zombie elements. In addition, Netflix also revealed some script details for this new project, including 2 distinct timelines.

Netflix teased Resident Evil’s script episode with the caption: “When the Wesker kids moved to New Raccoon City, they discovered a series of secrets that could push everything to the brink of an apocalypse. A new live-action project based on Capcom’s series of survival horror games, is about to air on Netflix.

Andrew Dabb said: “Resident Evil is my favorite game. So I am very excited to be able to write a new chapter on my own, exciting new details, and bring a whole new Resident Evil to Netflix audiences around the world. Whether you are a long-time fan, or someone who is completely ignorant, this series will still be worth looking forward to, with familiar faces and unprecedented sensational and insane developments.“.

Here are some details about the plot that Netflix announced: “In the first timeline, 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker moved to New Raccoon City. The longer they stayed here, the more Jade and Billie realized the place contained more mysteries than it seemed, and that their father was also intentionally hiding some extremely dark, destructive secrets. world“.

In the second timeline, more than a decade after the first timeline: Earth has fewer than 15 million people left. More than 6 billion people and animals have been infected with the T-virus and become monsters. Jade, now 30 years old, was struggling to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Meanwhile, memories of her past, of her sister and father continue to haunt her every day.“.

Netflix is about to launch the Resident Evil series still revolving around the legendary T virus but with a whole new storyline | Live

Netflix’s series will probably still take place in the same universe as the Resident Evil series, but with a completely different plot.

Netflix’s Resident Evil will have eight episodes in its first season, with a duration of about 1 hour per episode. Currently, they have not officially announced the launch date of this series, but this will certainly still be an extremely promising project to help the streaming giant continue to maintain its leading position. me in the future.

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