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Netflix cooperated with CJ ENM to bring two blockbuster Vietnamese movies to the service

The purchase of copyright from Netflix’s Vietnam subsidiary CJ CNM (headquartered in South Korea) has strengthened the online entertainment company’s commitment to expanding its native content store, and bringing the excellent cinematographic productions of the country come to a large audience.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with CJ ENM to bring Vietnamese audiences two of our cinematic works,” said Raphael Phang, Southeast Asia Content Manager at Netflix. CJ ENM is a company that is no stranger to producing high-quality content, along with many memorable movies that have been successful in theaters and received warmly received by the Vietnamese audience. We are committed to bringing our members great work, great stories from every genre from around the world and even Vietnam. ”

Ms. Mia Park, International Sales and Distribution Manager at CJ ENM, said: “Over the past years, CJ ENM has continuously committed to its commitment to supporting Vietnamese content creators in development and production. quality movie content Today’s announcement is a signal of a good start to the upcoming journey between CJ ENM and Netflix. This shows that Vietnam’s storytelling art and our influential stories are highly appreciated by Netflix. Through these two outstanding works, we are working hard to bring many excellent stories to viewers across the country. We hope that the audience will enthusiastically watch along with other great content from Korea and Hollywood. “

Brilliant May is a remake of Korean romantic comedy Sunny. Dazzling May began in 2018 and is still considered a film with a story that inspires every generation of audiences by bringing together plus points such as a touching script, impressive soundtracks statues and charming actresses from famous names such as Hong Anh, My Uyen, My Duyen, “box office queen” Thanh Hang to 9x teen idols such as Hoang Yen Chibi, Hoang Oanh, Jun Vu … During nearly two hours, the audience will surely be sucked into the journey to find each other of five girls after a long time lost contact and with them relive the “brilliant years” of teenage years. one more time.

Netflix cooperated with CJ ENM to bring two blockbuster Vietnamese movies to the service | Khám phá

Actor Hong Anh shared, “The film left me with many good memories from the filming process until the filming and release nationwide. Although it was a remake of a Korean script, the director was very clever. cleverly incorporating Vietnamese stories and events, so I believe that not only the actors but even the audience will see the closeness from the content, to the culture and will surely love it. the movie in the upcoming broadcast, and I and my crew are very happy to hear that the movie has been bought the rights to Netflix to broadcast it. When the time for the theater time is over, this is an opportunity for quality movie works get more vitality and reach a large audience at all times. ”

Meanwhile, The Girl From Yesterday is another romantic and humorous story selected by CJ ENM and Netflix to send to audiences across the country, especially those who admire the pure stories from Nguyen Nhat Anh – famous writer with the best-selling “childhood memories”. This is his second work after I See the Yellow Flower on the Green Grass (directed by Victor Vu) adapted into a movie.

Netflix cooperated with CJ ENM to bring two blockbuster Vietnamese movies to the service | Khám phá

Girl from Yesterday revived the story of “a past, a life forever” of anyone in their school age with many memories of their first love, school, friends and even hit songs like Tinh Thoi Xoi Xa were associated with generations of students in the 1990s.

The director of the film, Mr. Phan Gia Nhat Linh, said: “I am very pleased to hear that my passionate work is one of the two films broadcast under the first agreement between Netflix and CJ ENM to reach the home. domestic production audiences in Vietnam, whether they have seen the movie before or missed it at the cinema, will have the opportunity to enjoy this work on the small screen with all devices connected to the Internet. from Yesterday is a movie that I am very proud of and loved because it brings about my very personal emotions and childhood dreams inspired by the writer’s original work. Nguyen Nhat Anh. Hopefully the Girl From Yesterday will once again receive the support and support of the audience in this premiere. ”

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