Neo and Trinity revived in The Matrix 4: Matrix reboots every 70 years, it’s no wonder that the main characters are reset.

The Matrix (Matrix) can be considered as one of the franchises that has completely changed the face of the science fiction film line in particular and the world cinema industry in general. First launched in 1999, The Matrix has brought a completely new theme, the war between humans and sentient machines. Besides, it also exploits an extremely bold idea never before: The world we live in is actually a virtual matrix – which can be considered as a prison imprisoning the mind of humanity.

The success of The Matrix has set the stage for two sequels, Reloaded and Revolutions, to be released simultaneously in 2003. Although the shadow of the prequel cannot be overcome, both of these films all contributed to improve in terms of the general plot, as well as create a complete, but not perfect ending. That has helped The Matrix be considered one of the most successful sci-fi franchises in the past two decades and brought the series closer to the mass audience.

The Matrix has successfully combined action movies with sci-fi, and the bold idea of ​​a machine-generated matrix world to control the human mind.

Because of the completeness and maturity of The Matrix, many people are surprised by Warner Bros. information. will produce a fourth film, expected to be released at the end of 2021. So after nearly 20 years since Revolutions ended, we can once again be side by side with Neo and Trinity. probably dead) on the big screen to fight brutal machines. There have been conspiracy theories that The Matrix 4 will even turn all the concepts audiences knew about the Matrix world before, overturned.

The Matrix 4 can be considered a reboot with a new story, because the Matrix world is restarted every 70 years.

Now, Warner Bros. Still very quiet about the information regarding the script of The Matrix 4. No one knows what they will do next when Revolutions has brought a pretty complete ending. One of the fan theories is that part 4 can be considered a reboot with a new story.

According to the Architect’s explanation in the Reloaded section, there were 5 incarnations of The One before Neo appeared, and each fought in a repeat version of the Matrix, the latter was built on the bug. of the previous version. At the end of every 70-year cycle, the Matrix will not be demolished, but restarted for greater improvement. The One will have to step through The Architect’s doorway at the end of each cycle to do this. That means the Matrix will be reset from the start and the city of Zion, where the rebels were hiding, will be destroyed. However, this cycle is changed when Neo decides to save Trinity at the end of Reloaded and makes The Architect’s calculations somewhat misleading.

Neo and Trinity revived in The Matrix 4 Matrix reboots every 70 years it s no wonder that the main characters are reset | Live

Neo will return as the next version of The One in the new Matrix cycle.

It is these deviations that make Agent Smith, a machine-generated virus, become stronger than ever, beyond A.I’s control. After a successful compromise with A.I, Neo agreed to sacrifice and to remove Smith completely from the Matrix. At the same time, the system rebooted itself, turning the wreckage caused by Smith into a peaceful “real world” before the human-machine war broke out. According to the conversation between The Architect and The Oracle at the end of the movie, humanity and machines will come together to compromise and live together – for as long as possible, not forever. This is likely to be the detail that will help Neo return, as the 7th The One in the 7th version of the Matrix.

How will Trinity and Morpheus survive and what role will the new Matrix play?

Although both Neo and Trinity died in Revolutions, they will definitely return in season 4 (and are played by familiar faces – Keanu Reeves by Carrie-Anne Moss). The explanation for Neo’s revival is very simple, and also mentioned above, it is through the cycle of The One accompanying each reboot of the Matrix.

However, Trinity was a completely different case when she perished in the real world. Besides, Morpheus’s death in The Matrix Online also made the idea of ​​exploiting the character’s teenage image more difficult. We might see some flash-back scenes, or even more brain hacking through time travel theory.

Neo and Trinity revived in The Matrix 4 Matrix reboots every 70 years it s no wonder that the main characters are reset | Live

Neo is back as a new version of The One, what about Trinity and Morpheus?

In addition, Warner Bros. can exploit the reboot mechanism of the Matrix to account for these incredible revivals. Neo, Trinity and Morpheus are all considered rebels who regularly hack systems to free the human mind. If Neo returns as the latest version of The One, then the new Matrix system could theoretically create Trinity and Morpheus as two A.I shows based on their old personalities.

Even more surprise: They are even new Agents, or new sentiment programs, but start working with a group of rebels (like the Seraph). The change of The Oracle’s appearance in Revolutions will be the perfect explanation for Morpheus’s younger appearance in the new movie.

The Matrix 4 will exploit the idea that has appeared since the first part, but in the other direction?

As Morpheus explained to Neo in the first film, The Matrix was created after the war with the aim of controlling the survivors. However, many fans perceive that humans are essentially an essential form of energy that machines need to operate more efficiently. In particular, one theory is that humanity is a form of organic CPU that enhances the capabilities of machines. Realizing the limitless potential in the human brain and knowledge, machines created the Matrix to take advantage of them and expand their power.

Neo and Trinity revived in The Matrix 4 Matrix reboots every 70 years it s no wonder that the main characters are reset | Live

Bored of peaceful coexistence, the machines rebelled and forced Neo and Trinity to act to once again end this long war.

This is similar to the original concept in the first script of The Matrix. And Warner Bros. it is completely possible to re-exploit it in the context of machines suddenly “unfinished” and do not want to compromise with humans anymore. Once the Matrix is ​​rebooted after Agent Smith disappears, it is possible for machines to once again wage war to capture and recycle humans – the minions at their hands. Also, the Neo and Trinity comeback, along with rumors of a teenage Morpheus appearance, will definitely take a completely different approach with even more unexpected twists in season 4.

As mentioned above, the scenario of The Matrix 4 up to now is still an unknown, and the above information is only at the level of conjecture. However, one thing is for sure that this film will still bring an extremely interesting concept when combining the color of action movies, martial arts with science fiction with a cyberpunk direction. The unpredictable details of the resurgence of the main characters, and the cause of the new war between humanity and the machines, will make the audience understand the drama’s intentions over and over again and again. copy. Many fans are expecting The Matrix 4 to bring a new wind to the sci-fi film line which has been very popular in recent years, like the way The Matrix has done more than 20 years ago.

As expected, The Matrix 4 will premiere on December 22, 2021.

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