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NASA scientists discovered evidence of a parallel universe, where time runs … backwards

The concept of parallel universe has been around since the early 1960s, mostly in the minds of fans of science fiction movies and comics. But recently, a cosmic ray detection experiment discovered that particles are likely to originate from a parallel “realm,” which was also born from the Big Bang.

Experts used a giant balloon to bring NASA’s Antartic Impulsive Transient (ANITA) antenna to Antarctica’s upper atmosphere, where the cold and dry atmosphere created the perfect environment for very little radio interference – which can cause distorted results.

And that’s when they obtained a “wind” of high energy particles coming from space.

Low-energy, low-molecular neutrinos, with masses near zero, can penetrate completely through the Earth, but higher energy objects will be blocked by solid matter on our planet.

That means that high-energy particles can only be detected when they come down from space “down” to Earth, but ANITA of the team discovered heavier particles, known as “tau neutrinos.” “, from Earth” to “the universe.

ANITA test station

This finding shows that the other particles are actually moving back in time, which can be seen as evidence of a parallel universe.

ANITA researcher Peter Gorham, a particle physicist at the University of Hawaii, says that the only way “tau neutrino” works is when it turns into another particle before going through it. through the Earth and then back again.

Gorham, co-author of the research carried out at Cornell University describing this strange phenomenon, said that he and his colleagues witnessed many of these “impossible phenomena” – phenomena. that some people are skeptical about.

Not everyone is satisfied with that hypothesis“- he said.

NASA scientists discovered evidence of a parallel universe where time runs backwards | Khám phá

The simplest explanation for this phenomenon is that by the time of the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, two universes had formed – our universe, and a reversing universe (at an angle). view of the first universe) with time going backwards.

Of course, if someone lived in such a parallel universe, they would also consider us to be a reverse universe.

Reference: NYPost

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